Safety technology for coal preparation

(1) Characteristics of coal preparation and common accidents

The production task of coal preparation is the treatment of coal. Including the handling, storage, transportation, coal blending, crushing, etc. of raw coal. Coal is a flammable solid fuel that burns and is prone to coal dust during processing. Coal dust can also explode under certain conditions; the coal storage tank and coal tower are deep and steep, and accidents are easy to occur during cleaning; there are many coal transportation vehicles and many loading and unloading equipment. There are many transportation belts, and it is easy to cause accidents during operation. Therefore, it is an important task to prevent accidents that may occur in coal preparation and ensure safe production is a part of workers engaged in coal preparation.

(2) Prevention of loading and unloading accidents

Commonly used vehicle and ship unloading equipment include chain bucket unloading machine, screw unloading machine and bridge type lifting grab machine. Overturning machines are used in large coking enterprises. Our company uses a screw unloader.

In the operation of the bucket unloading machine, the locomotive head or the hoisting hoist is required to perform the door operation, and collision must be avoided.

The bridge type hoisting grab machine has the advantages of flexible operation and reliability, but there is also the possibility of injury accidents due to improper operation or illegal operation. In order to avoid accidents, the grab operation must be carried out separately from the person working on the car or the bottom of the ship to clean the residual coal, at least 1.5 meters. In particular, the grab trouble handling must be carried out at the designated position of the parking. The grab should not be parked on the funnel opening to avoid a major injury accident caused by the slip.

(3) Multiple accidents of belt conveyor and its prevention

Belt conveyors are the main and commonly used transportation equipment for coal preparation and screening systems. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. Although it seems to be a device with low speed and few safety problems, according to the practice experience of many factories and mines, especially the coal preparation process, the pulley and roller rolling casualties are the frequent and common accidents of the belt conveyor, which must cause enough Pay attention to it.

The basic safety requirement for the belt conveyor itself is a complete head and tail wheel guard. In order to facilitate long-distance control and eliminate the blockage of coal flow caused by the stoppage of coal, the interlocking device and the sound and light signal device, automatic cleaning and emergency switch should be used. In order to prevent the belt from drifting, the positive idle roller is generally used. Adjustments can also be made by adjusting the tensioning device at the rear. The introduction of new Japanese technology in Baosteel uses a roller to tilt forward a certain angle, and uses the centripetal force to prevent the belt from deviating, which has a good effect.

For belt conveyors with a length of more than 40-50m, cross-bridges should be set every 30 meters to facilitate inspection or overhaul. The width of the belt corridor should be above 0.8m. Insufficient persons should be protected by safety barriers. When the slope of the belt corridor is greater than 20 degrees, a step should be provided to prevent slipping and falling.

Safety items that must be observed to ensure the safe operation of the belt conveyor:

1Before the belt conveyor starts, it must be contacted by the signal and check that there is no personnel working on the equipment before starting.

2 It is forbidden to repair and clean the belt conveyor when it is running. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to clean the residual coal on the head and tail wheel.

3 It is forbidden to transport the sundries across the belt, belt or belt.

â‘£ When belt slippage, are not allowed to pry with iron rods with a foot or hand.

5 It is found that there are iron, stone, wood and other debris in the coal, especially explosives such as detonators, and should be managed.

When the belt conveyor is running, it is strictly forbidden to replace the rollers.

(4) Safety matters for coal tank and coal tower cleaning

Coal tanks and coal towers should be cleaned regularly. When the chute is blocked, coal is hanged, shed materials or coal is changed, it needs to be cleaned. Due to the deep depth of the coal channel coal pit, there is not only the risk of falling during the cleaning, but also the possibility of the collapse of the coal suffocation and the suffocation and death. Such accidents are not uncommon.

Therefore, when cleaning coal tank coal towers, we must attach great importance to safety work.

The work of cleaning the coal channel coal tower must be carried out in an organized and leading manner. First of all, it is necessary to carry out the dangerous work application procedures, take reliable safety measures, and, with the approval of the leaders, conduct under the supervision of the security officers.

The following safety precautions must also be observed during the cleaning process:

1 cleaning work should be carried out during the day (the sick are not allowed to participate in the work);

2 The coal tower coal tank in the cleaning must stop feeding coal and cut off the power supply;

3 Set up a special person to contact the coal car at the top and bottom of the tower. The eyes that leak coal are not allowed to be cleaned, and the eyes of the cleaning are not allowed to leak coal;

4 Personnel working in the lower tower must wear protective equipment, especially respiratory protection;

5 coal channel coal tower, must bring a seat belt, the seat belt should be managed by a special person, the scope of activity can not exceed 1.5m, in order to prevent the coal seam from being buried when collapsed;

6Up and down tower coal, it is forbidden to carry tool materials with you, and must be transmitted by ropes;

7 cleaning operations must be carried out from top to bottom, and it is not allowed to dig from the bottom to avoid the danger of hanging coal into the ground;

8 Temporary lighting required for cleaning, application of 36V safety light, fireworks are strictly prohibited during operation;

9 In the cleaning, the relevant safety regulations for working at height should be observed.

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