FAW-Volkswagen big move! Volkswagen Brand Marketing Department moved to Beijing

On April 26th, the opening ceremony of the new offices of the Marketing Department of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. (Beijing) and the Sales Department of North China District was held at Kaiyi Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The three departments (Marketing Department, Public Relations Department, and Interactive Marketing Department) under the jurisdiction of the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen Brand Marketing Department were relocated to Beijing and were previously located in the North China Sales Department of Youth Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. They were also relocated to Qi. Yi building. After moving to Beijing Energy, FAW-Volkswagen will gain a broader perspective, attract a large number of high-spirited talents, and promote that FAW-Volkswagen will respond to market changes with a faster and more efficient response mechanism to meet user needs. Helping the overall improvement of FAW-Volkswagen brand power.



Dong Xiuhui, the deputy general manager of business of FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. and the general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd., said: “This year is the year of FAW-Volkswagen. It is also the year when the company’s “2025 Strategy” begins. When there is a start, the opening of the new offices of Volkswagen Brands Marketing (Beijing) and North China Sales Division will enable the whole company's 'toughness' potential to reach a new level again, which will enable the FAW-Volkswagen brand to have a faster marketing team. The speed of response, broader vision, greater strategic insights, more cooperation opportunities, and higher, more sophisticated and sharper talents have further consolidated the lead of the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand."

In the year of “toughness and hardship”, the brand power has been fully enhanced.


In 2017, the total number of FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brands sold was 1,405,088 units. In the absence of SUVs, and the market share of the covered markets continued to shrink, only 7 cars outperformed the market and sales volume rose by 6.8%. 2018 is the first year for the company's “2025 Strategy”. FAW-Volkswagen also defines it as the year of “treating hard”, and it will also challenge the higher sales target of 1.45 million vehicles.

Under the guidance of the "2025 Strategy," FAW-Volkswagen will greatly expand its product line and vigorously develop new energy vehicles to continue to expand its market share. This year FAW-Volkswagen's five major production bases will be basically completed, forming the five base industrial layouts of Changchun in the northeast, Foshan in south China, Chengdu in the southwest, Qingdao in the east and north-west of Tianjin, across the east and the west, to promote the SUV strategy and new energy planning. provide assurance.



This year FAW-Volkswagen will completely bid farewell to the era of no SUV, the upcoming T-Roc (Chinese name prologue) is just the beginning, FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand has a comprehensive layout of the SUV market. In the next three years, FAW-Volkswagen will intensively introduce five SUV products to achieve full coverage from small, compact, medium to medium-sized segments. "In addition to the two SUVs to be listed this year, the T-Roc and the mid-level SUV, three other SUVs (A0, Second, and a medium-to-large SUV, respectively) will be available before the end of 2020.

FAW-Volkswagen will push three new energy vehicle models Category Time to market Golf pure electric compact car 2019 MAGOTAN plug-in hybrid medium car Bora pure electric compact car Watchmaking: Netcom Internet Info Agency

In addition to implementing the SUV strategy, FAW-Volkswagen will expand its new energy product lineup from 2019. The first products to be launched in the market will include pure electric models from Polaris and Golf, as well as a MAGOTAN plug-in hybrid vehicle, relying on a variety of products. Products are rapidly advancing the development of new energy vehicles.

FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen branded its terminal sales in the first quarter of 330,420 units, achieving a stable growth rate of 6.1%, continuing to maintain its advantages in the traditional hatchback and sedan segment, and forming an "addition" to seize market share to reach a 2025 strategy through the launch of SUVs. set objectives.

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