Content of mine environmental supervision and management

The supervision and management of the mine environment mainly includes two aspects: one is the supervision of environmental protection; the other is the supervision of land reclamation.

(1) To open up mineral resources, we must abide by the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations to prevent pollution of the mine environment.

The development and utilization of mineral resources not only produces a large amount of material wealth, but also extensively and directly affects the balance of the ecological environment. The toxic, harmful gases, slag, waste water, dust, noise, vibration and other factors produced during the mining and mineral processing process not only directly affect the working environment and working conditions, but also cause harm to the atmosphere, water quality and soil around the mining area; The tailings ponds occupy a large amount of land and farmland; the discharge of sewage and soot, polluting water sources, rivers and atmosphere, also destroying landscapes and vegetation; the collapse of open pit slopes, the collapse of underground goafs and the formation of flying rocks and shock waves They directly threaten the safety of ground buildings and personnel in the mining area. All these environmental problems have a serious impact on human production and life, and prevention and treatment are very difficult.

According to the Environmental Protection Law, the Mineral Resources Law and relevant laws and regulations, the basic principle of environmental protection in China is the coordinated development of economic construction and environmental protection; prevention, prevention and control, comprehensive management; who develops protection, who pollutes who And rely on the principle of the masses to protect the environment. Every link in the development and utilization of mineral resources must take measures to prevent and protect the environment.

(1) For new mines, an environmental impact assessment reporting system shall be implemented. The evaluation report is not approved, and no project may be established. Construction is not allowed.

(2) Measures to prevent pollution and other disasters must be designed, constructed, and put into operation at the same time as the main project.

(3) The old pollution sources should be supervised and governed by the principle of “who pollutes who governs and who develops who protects”.

(2) Land reclamation.

Protecting land resources and protecting mineral resources are equally important. Therefore, Article 32 of the Mineral Resources Law stipulates that “the mining of mineral resources shall save land. If the cultivated land, grassland or forest land is damaged due to mining, the mining enterprise shall adopt reclamation, planting trees or other utilization measures according to local conditions.” . Land reclamation refers to activities that take remediation measures on land damaged by excavation, collapse, and occupation during the process of production and construction, so that they can be restored to an available state. The "Regulations on Land Reclamation" promulgated by the State Council on November 8, 1988 clearly states the principle of "who destroys and who reclaims".

The development and utilization of mineral resources, land reclamation mainly includes restoration of farmland, land rebuilding and land use. The contents of the reclamation include the subsidence area, the restoration of the mining area, the construction of the tailings pond, the afforestation of the dumping site and the construction of a new scenic viewing area to beautify the environment. The above reclamation project can be combined with mining resources or after mining to unify the rights and obligations of mining and land protection and reclamation. Mining enterprises use their land waste, waste rock, coal ash fill subsidence area recovered with the use of the right to operate, when transferred to other units to use, can be charged appropriately.

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