Green gear reducer

Fk industrial 1 green environmentally-friendly reducer reducer Sumitomo reducer's product development aims to be applied to customers, products are energy-efficient, pollution-free, low noise is to maximize the utilization of materials and save natural resources. Sumitomo has passed, single pos ......Reading more

Shell joins FAW to launch long-term dedicated lubricant…

On July 24, 2015, Shell and FAW liberation officially launched a dedicated lubricant product jointly developed by the two parties: long-term super engine oil, long-acting super transmission oil and rear axle gear oil; and for the first time in China, The total length of the box and bridge &q ......Reading more

Cummins builds new goals for sustainable development an…

Cummins has been a leader in the key indicators of sustainable development. However, for Cummins, there is no end to green development. Recently, Cummins has established new sustainable development goals by improving the efficiency of the use of its products and the logistics efficiency of i ......Reading more

· Do not hide! Why do car companies open up new energy…

On June 12, 2014, Tesla CEO Musk announced on his official blog that all patents held by Tesla will be open. Subsequently, "Technology Toyota" also announced the use of 5,680 fuel cell technology patents to the global impermanence. After a year, the patents were released again. Recently, ......Reading more

Car rental guide

The road traffic condition of the Hulun Buir grassland is still very good. After all, most of the grasslands are grasslands. Therefore, the average car can ride on the Hulun Buir grassland. The Hulunbuir tourism car rental model consists of 5 family cars/SUV ......Reading more