Chinese manufacturing intelligence is getting closer

Under the global, intelligent, and networked global environment, "manufacturing must move toward intelligent manufacturing" has become the consensus of all countries in the world. Germany is promoting the "Industry 4.0" plan. The United States is promoting the concept of "In ......Reading more

Permanent magnet synchronous generator for small wind p…

Social benefits to promote energy-saving products have a certain positive significance, the original use of FO-53-6 in Shanghai, 0.8kW weaving electromechanical Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Guo Jigao rectifier R generally used three-phase full-wave rectifier to rectify into ......Reading more

This summer's three summer highlights

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] The annual "Three Summers" wheat cross-regional machine-receiving conference war, since the start of May 26, from south to north, rapid and orderly advancement, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Su, Lu, The main winter wheat producing areas such as å† ......Reading more

Applicable conditions for inclined well development

The inclined well development is suitable for gently inclined deposits, especially for the development of layered deposits with inclination angle of 20°~40°. For the steeply inclined flank deposits, the flank inclined wells can be used for development, and the steeply inclined deposits are als ......Reading more

What kind of role should the new germplasm resource ban…

Germplasm conservation is one of the greatest challenges faced by plant breeding in the 21st century. We all know that with the rapid development of the social economy and the deterioration of the ecological environment, many plants are in an endangered state and have even become extinct ......Reading more

"Universal oil" super heart WP4.1 engine

Transporting building materials, pulling green links, and running fast, talking about "all kinds of oil" in trucks, none other than non-6.8-meter 4x2 trucks. According to the use, with different tops, it can meet the freight needs to the greatest degree, so it is favored by retaile ......Reading more