Application Technology and Effect of Coal Seam Water In…

1, the coal layer and the water method The coal seam water injection is to drill some holes in the coal seam before mining, and inject the pressure water into the coal body through the drilling, destroying the balance of the original coal-gas two-phase system in the coal body, forming coal-gas-wate ......Reading more

Main ore dressing process of hematite

Also known as mineral hematite red chemical formula Fe2O3, which is a weakly magnetic minerals iron, magnetite relatively good floatability, one of the main raw material of iron. The main beneficiation process has re-election, flotation and strong magnetic separation or a variety of beneficiation pr ......Reading more

Why smart lockers can be favored

Smart lockers are a kind of cabinet that people can often use in their daily work and life. It can be welcomed by such people and cannot be separated from its own unique advantages. What are its advantages? For more information on smart lockers and pricing, please click {Contact Us} First: No nee ......Reading more

FAW-Volkswagen big move! Volkswagen Brand Marketing Dep…

On April 26th, the opening ceremony of the new offices of the Marketing Department of FAW-Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. (Beijing) and the Sales Department of North China District was held at Kaiyi Building, Chaoyang District, Beijing. The three departments (Marketing Department, Public Relations Depa ......Reading more

Transformer light gas action processing technology

When the transformer is in operation, after the light gas protection signal is activated, the cause should be ascertained as soon as possible, and the record should be made. The transformer should be externally inspected and analyzed for gas, and then corresponding treatment measures should be take ......Reading more

Content of mine environmental supervision and managemen…

The supervision and management of the mine environment mainly includes two aspects: one is the supervision of environmental protection; the other is the supervision of land reclamation. (1) To open up mineral resources, we must abide by the relevant environmental protection laws and regulations to ......Reading more