Main ore dressing process of hematite

Also known as mineral hematite red chemical formula Fe2O3, which is a weakly magnetic minerals iron, magnetite relatively good floatability, one of the main raw material of iron. The main beneficiation process has re-election, flotation and strong magnetic separation or a variety of beneficiation processes, and also has a weak magnetic separation process after magnetization roasting.

The early hematite beneficiation generally adopts re-election process, mainly including jig, centrifugal concentrator, spiral chute, spiral concentrator, shaker, etc. Due to its small ore dressing capacity, low beneficiation grade and low recovery rate, it gradually Be eliminated.

Later, hematite beneficiation developed a flotation process and a strong magnetic separation process, mainly using a positive flotation process using oxidized paraffin soap as a collector and a strong magnetic separation process using a magnetic flat ring strong magnetic separator as a sorting device. However, its selection technical indicators have not achieved satisfactory results.

In recent years, the ore dressing of hematite has made great progress. The main beneficiation process is a strong magnetic separation beneficiation process represented by electromagnetic pulsation high gradient magnetic separator and a reverse flotation beneficiation process represented by SH series. In particular, the combination of strong magnetic-flotation process has enabled the hematite classification of some mines to reach a satisfactory index of 65% iron concentrate grade and 85% iron concentrate recovery rate.

It can be said that the work of the red mine (hematite) that started in China from the "Sixth Five-Year Plan" has basically reached the expected goal, and the technical problems of red ore dressing have been basically solved.

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