Take you at a minute to “see through” the high-end hardware configuration of the Beijing Auto Show Auman EST

“2018 Beijing Auto Show” undoubtedly brushed the circle of friends in the automotive industry in April, especially during the media day. The huge amount of information broke out on the Internet platform instantly, and each eye-catching marketing method also allowed The audience is dizzying. On entering professional audience days, the rhythm of the exhibition was slowed down. We seemed to be able to relax and slow down. We took a good look at the product itself and learned about some high-end hardware configurations.

This year's Beijing Auto Show, although there are no new cars in the commercial vehicle pavilion, there are many highlights of the products on display. In particular, a “transparent truck” on the spot, the Auman EST- A2.0 version, attracted the audience. Stop research.

Futian Auman EST-A2.0 version Futian Auman EST-A2.0 version

Xiao Bian called the Auman EST-A version 2.0 on display as a “transparent truck” because of some transparent devices on the truck that allowed the audience to easily observe the chassis hardware of the vehicle from “God’s perspective”. And more detailed parts status.

If you are in the auto show, when you walk into this Auman EST-A2.0 super truck, you will be attracted to the transparent pedal behind the car. We can see through the pedals the entire vehicle from the engine to the transmission and then to the overall power of the drive axle, and the Auman EST-A2.0 version of this power chain of super trucks, it can absolutely be regarded as a domestic tractor model. High-end collocation.

Tractor rear transparent platform Tractor rear transparent platform

Foton Cummins X12 Power + ZF's new generation of TraXon automatic transmission, this Auman EST-A2.0 version of the super truck can output 510 horsepower, while the engine has a low speed high torque of 2300N.m at 1000 rpm Output. Combined with ZF's original hydraulic retarder, the vehicle can achieve a constant braking torque of 4000N.m, and bear 90% of the braking action to reduce frequent driving brakes. This is only part of the high-end configuration of this Auman EST-A2.0 super truck.

ZF's new generation of TraXon automatic transmission ZF's new generation of TraXon automatic transmission

Looking from the transmission gearbox to the rear, two light weight rear axles from European technology are clearly visible through the transparent pedal. According to the on-site staff, the rear axle of the Auman EST-A2.0 super truck matches the service life. 1.2 million kilometers, transmission efficiency reached 88%, while also using a lot of lightweight design concepts. In the aspect of suspension, the Auman EST-A2.0 super truck adopts ZF quality direct push and "V" push technology, which can guarantee the ideal steering performance of the suspension system. Such as these, all reflect the high-end positioning of the Auman EST-A2.0 version of the super truck.

If you feel that watching the power chain on the transparent pedal is not intuitive, then you should step right behind the show car. Here is a full power chain product display that is enough for you to study.

Powered by Foton Cummins X12 Powered by Foton Cummins X12

The attentive audience should also find another transparent device from this Auman EST-A2.0 super truck. Although this device is not large, it is obvious enough, especially for the audience who know it, it will always be the first time. "Confirm Eyes", this device is the Conley hub.

Based on the oil-lubricated design, the high-end Conmax wheels have another "exclusive function" - visualization that is different from the traditional wheels. Like the vehicle we just introduced, the visual module of the front wheel of Conway also has a transparent window. Through the window, the driver can observe the color and oil level of the wheel gear oil to determine whether the wheel is in normal working condition. It is also because of the visual function that the Conmmia wheel makes safety more intuitive.

Conley wheels Conley wheels

Contrary to the Conomi's visualization capabilities, we have to mention the oil lubrication design that makes this possible. Unlike the traditional domestic hub grease lubrication, the choice of the gear oil lubrication method used by ConMet, the gear oil can continuously lubricate the bearing during vehicle operation, and can always form an oil film between the hub bearing raceway and the tapered roller and reduce the bearing. Wear, thereby reducing the frequency of wheel maintenance and extending bearing life. For this reason, the maintenance cycle of the Conley hub can reach 500,000 kilometers, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the vehicle and improves the transportation efficiency of the entire vehicle.

Safe and efficient, is a required course for the product to enter the high-end queue. From the hardware configuration of the "Truck Truck" Auman EST-A2.0 Super Truck on display, the Foton Cummins X12 Power, ZF TraXon Automatic Transmission, European Technology Drive Axle, and Combi Wheels ... can meet safety requirements. The combination of efficient and high-end components is the most powerful proof of this high-end positioning of the vehicle. If you also want to "see through" this car in person, the time will not have time to come to the Beijing auto show booth at Foton, Auman EST-A2.0 super truck will also tell you all his "inner words."


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