Daily maintenance of dedicated precision air conditioners in the engine room

With the development of science and technology, the precision air-conditioners in the engine rooms have also been gradually upgraded and the cost has become higher and higher. Therefore, it is also necessary to increase the maintenance efforts. Today, Henan Luqing Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., an expert in the environment monitoring and control room of the engine room, briefly introduced the daily maintenance of the dedicated precision air conditioner in the engine room.
1. Maintenance of the control system For the maintenance personnel of the air conditioning system, the first step is to see if the air conditioning system is operating normally. Therefore, we must first do the following work.
1) Check whether the various functions and parameters of the air-conditioning system are normal from the display screen of the air-conditioning system;
2) If there is an alarm, check the alarm record and analyze the cause of the alarm.
3) Check whether the working condition of the temperature and humidity sensor is normal;
4) The operating parameters of the compressor and the humidifier should be known, especially when the first inspection every morning, the compressor operating parameters of the previous night should be compared with the previous parameters of the same period, To see if there is a big change, according to the changes in the parameters can determine whether the computer equipment in the computer room operating conditions have a greater change,
In order to rationally deploy the air conditioning system operation table and adjust the air conditioning operating parameters. Of course, some of the older air-conditioning systems are not yet able to read out these parameters. This requires staff on duty at night to observe and record more.
2, the inspection and maintenance of the compressor
1) Listening—Using the method of listening to sound, you can judge the operation of the compressor more accurately. Because the compressor is running, its sound should be uniform and rhythmical. If its sound loses its rhythm and a non-uniform noise occurs, it indicates that the internal workings of the compressor or the working conditions of the cylinder have been abnormally changed.
2) Touch-by-hand method, knowing the degree of heat, can roughly determine whether the compressor is operated under the specified pressure and temperature.
3) Look - Look at the liquid level of the refrigerant from the sight glass to see if there is a shortage of refrigerant.
4) Quantity—mainly measures the current and suction and exhaust pressures during the operation of the compressor, and can accurately determine the operating conditions of the compressor. Of course, we also need to check the compressor, high pressure protection switch, dry filter and other accessories.
3, condenser tour inspection and maintenance
1) The maintenance of the professional air conditioning condenser is equivalent to the maintenance of the air conditioning outdoor unit, so we first need to check the condenser fixed condition to see if there are signs of loosening the condenser fixing parts, so as not to cause damage to the refrigerant pipeline and outdoor unit. damage.
2) Check whether the refrigerant pipeline is damaged (of course, from the compressor's working conditions and some other performance parameters can also determine whether the refrigerant pipeline is damaged), check the insulation condition of the refrigerant pipeline, especially in the northern winter, this is A relatively important task, if the ambient temperature is too low and the insulation condition of the refrigerant pipeline is not good, will have a certain impact on the normal operation of the air conditioning system.
3) Check the fan's operating status: Check the fan's bearing, base, motor, etc., and check whether there is any abnormal vibration when the fan is running and whether the fan fan is in the same plane when it is rotating.
The above content is a summary of the routine maintenance of the computer room dedicated precision air conditioner by the technical personnel of the engine room environment monitoring - Henan Haoqing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. If you have different opinions or more information, please call Henan Shengqing Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

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