Mine car transport explosive safety technical measures

In order to reduce the labor intensity of manual delivery of explosives, the mine decided to use the mine car to transport explosives. The specific safety technical measures are as follows:

1. Special vehicles must be used to transport explosives. Explosive vehicles are only allowed to transport explosives. It is strictly forbidden to transport detonators. A soft cushion such as rubber or sack should be placed inside the special car compartment.

2. When storing the explosives box in the mine compartment, the storage capacity should at least ensure a safe distance of 0.1m from the mining compartment; after the explosive loading is completed, the upper cover must be tightly sealed and locked, and the key is kept by the blasting agent who issues the explosive. Mixed mixing is strictly prohibited.

3. The amount of explosives transported by locomotive is not allowed to exceed the amount of explosives to be delivered.

4. When the battery car or train transports explosives, the “dangerous” sign is installed before and after the dynamometer, and the speed of the locomotive transporting explosives shall not exceed 2 m/s.

5, transported by overhead line electric motor, the overhead line must be powered off when loading and unloading explosives.

6. Vehicles equipped with explosives must be separated by empty vehicles, and the length of the separation should not be less than 3 meters.

7. Trains equipped with explosives may not transport other materials or tools at the same time.

8. The explosive vehicle must be escorted by a blaster or a specially trained professional.

9. There must be sensitive and reliable signal devices in the roadway when transporting explosives in vehicles that are driven by winch wire ropes in horizontal or inclined roadways.

10. The winch driver and the hooker must be familiar with the operating procedures and hold the certificate.

11. When transporting the inclined roadway, the hook and winch driver must check the trailer condition in detail when picking up the trailer. After checking the error, the inspector personally sends the car signal.

11. The speed of transporting explosives in the inclined roadway shall not exceed 1 m/s. It is strictly forbidden to release the vehicle.

12. It is strictly forbidden to collide with other vehicles when getting on and off the yard and picking up the location of the trailer.

14. The place where the explosives are to be distributed shall be selected at a safe place away from the bottom of the well and the safe place to pick up the trailer; when the explosives are delivered to the place of issuance, full-time personnel must be arranged. Issuance of blasting work to be finished in time pressure and resistance to impact load, shock-proof, anti-static, non-metal container inside, hand release, adhere to lead-off system, so that the accounts clear, not littered.

15. Explosives transported by explosive vehicles must be delivered on duty and no drug is allowed.

16. The use of battery vehicles, trains and inclined roadways to transport explosives, including the distribution of explosives, must be escorted and distributed by the blaster or the squad leader.

17. The follow-up personnel, escort personnel and loading and unloading personnel should be trained and trained before they can pass the training.

LED Underwater Light

LED underwater light, is mounted on the bottom, a simple means is installed under the bottom of the lamp, small and exquisite, elegant appearance, appearance is similar to some buried lights, more than just a installation chassis, the chassis is screwed.

Because LED underwater light is used below the bottom, need to absorb a certain amount of pressure, so usually adopt stainless steel material, 8-10 mm toughened glass, high quality waterproof connector, silicon rubber sealing ring, arc angles of refraction strengthened glass, waterproof, dustproof, prevent leakage and corrosion.

LED underwater light for LED light source, commonly known as the fourth generation of lighting source or green light source, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small volume, etc.Electricity, it can send out a variety of colors, colorful, usually in a park or fountain pool.

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