Popular Science: The Ace Dump Truck Principle You Can't Miss

The Ace Engineering Dump Truck is called a dump truck in daily life. The car is divided into two types: side dumping and rear dumping. Therefore, it is called a side dump truck and a rear dump truck. There are also some special dump trucks. Bi-directional tipping.


A wide range of engineering dump trucks can often be found on city construction sites to transport gravel, bulk materials, earthwork, etc., and can also be seen in large-scale mines when transporting sand, clay, coal, and other cargo. The use of engineering dump trucks can appropriately reduce the burden of manual transportation. It is a useful assistant for engineering transportation.

The working principle of the engineering tipper is not complicated. It is the vehicle that unloads the cargo through hydraulic or mechanical lifting. The dump truck drives the transmission and the power-retrieving device to drive the hydraulic pump through the engine. The high-pressure oil in the hydraulic pump will finally enter the lift cylinder through the distribution valve and the oil pipe to push the piston rod to tilt the car. The driver only needs to control the movement of the piston rod through the operating system to control the tilt angle of the vehicle. After the goods are dumped, the vehicle can be reset by using its own gravity and hydraulic dual control.

The core system of the engineering dump truck is to control the lifting system of the carriage. Through the control of this system, the dump function can be realized. To control the lifting angle and the force situation, it is generally possible to start unloading at 40 degrees. At this time, it is necessary to maintain the stability of the accelerator and prevent the imbalance of the center of gravity. When we have large cargoes that need to be transported, it is very necessary to purchase such vehicles for autonomous unloading of goods. It replaces manual labor, and at the same time it improves production efficiency and saves transportation costs.

The knowledge about the Trump Project Dump Truck is for everyone's popular science. I believe that after reading it, we also have a preliminary understanding of the working principle of the engineering dump truck. Afterwards, when it comes to other people's science knowledge, it can be said that the head is right!

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