Winter car maintenance knowledge Winter car maintenance needs to pay attention to what problems

Although not yet established in winter, many people have already put on thick down jackets. The weather is getting colder and colder. We all want to hide in the car when we go to work. However, if you are a driver friend, have you neglected the maintenance of your car in winter? What problems should you pay attention to during winter car wash maintenance? Winter car maintenance should be more careful, then, will introduce you to some simple winter car maintenance knowledge, give your car more care and care.

冬季汽车保养常识 冬季汽车保养需要注意哪些问题

1. Use the wiper water spray system with caution. The temperature in winter is very low. Blind use of the wiper spray system will affect the service life of the window glass and wiper. Glass water that can resist freezing should be replaced. When using a wiper, make sure it has been frozen to avoid damage to the wiper and glass.

2. Check that the oil of the engine oil is equivalent to the blood of the car and plays a great role in driving the car. Before driving, check that the oil gauge is within a reasonable range, and also pay attention to whether you need to change the oil.

3. Driving Note Do not drive as soon as possible after starting the vehicle, warm up properly, or drive slowly, without adding a throttle. This will ensure that the car oil can be in place to avoid wear and tear on the car. At the same time, stop at night to avoid the tuyere.

冬季汽车保养常识 冬季汽车保养需要注意哪些问题

4. Use antifreeze in the winter in the north, the temperature drop is very obvious, use antifreeze to avoid damage to the tank and engine.

5. Check tire tires will become very brittle in winter. Check the tires before driving, adjust the tire pressure, and try not to use the tires. It is also possible to change the position of the tires regularly, which can reduce the wear inside and outside the tires, thus ensuring safe driving.

6. Protect the battery battery at low temperature, the capacitance will be very low, before the advent of winter, the electrolyte should be properly filled, and the terminal should be cleaned and coated with special oil to protect the battery from normal startup and avoid damage. At the same time, in the case of not driving for a short time, the battery should be removed and stored to prevent damage.

冬季汽车保养常识 冬季汽车保养需要注意哪些问题

7. Pay attention to the body maintenance After winter snow, for snow removal, some snow melting agents will be used on the road. Some ingredients of snow melting agent will also affect the life of the car. It is recommended to wash to the professional car wash regularly.

Winter car maintenance knowledge, simply introduce these, if you want to know more about the winter car maintenance needs to pay attention to the relevant introduction, welcome to continue to pay attention to Beimai, we have a more detailed introduction. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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