Which aspects do you need to consider when choosing a crane model?

In our daily work, there are always some heavy weights that need to be completed by cranes or cranes . Therefore, hoisting cranes are not unfamiliar to us. There are even a lot of friends around the cranes. In fact, when purchasing a crane, there are many doorways. Buyers must be careful. Here are some specific aspects to consider when choosing a crane model.

1. Cranes of different models can play a significant role in different occasions. Sometimes it is necessary to make the telescopic boom of the crane work in the cavern. At this time, the hydraulic truck crane is the best choice; some tasks are daily material handling and ordinary hoisting operations, then the auto crane can be selected.

2. We all know that wheeled cranes and crawler cranes have advantages and disadvantages. The tire-type maneuverability is good and the track-type stability is high. Therefore, if the crane is required to carry heavy objects during the operation, both cranes can be selected. In addition, tracked and wheeled cranes can also be selected when the work requires heavy lifting, high lifting height, and limited ground driving conditions. If the ground running hardness is poor, select the track type, otherwise choose the tire type.

3. If only a short distance is required during the operation, and the workload is not large, an on-board crane may be used. This is highly specialized, and it does not require the use of two machines. It can be done with only one machine. And in the process of selecting a crane, try to choose a crane model that is highly efficient, uses a lot, and has low energy consumption.

After the above introduction to crane crane model selection, I believe you have a certain understanding. Combining the above suggestions will give you a lot of meaningful reference in the purchase process. In the purchase process, you must select the machines produced by regular manufacturers to better ensure the quality. Crane cranes play a very important role in our lives and have made many contributions to our life and urban construction. Although its appearance looks cumbersome, it has brought us a lot of convenience.

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