Pressure calibrator internal and external maintenance methods

Pressure calibrator internal and external maintenance methods:
Many instrument materials are now delivered to various manufacturers by courier and logistics. However, due to bumpy roads and repeated handling or packaging omissions, the instrument may be damaged during transportation. Repeated maintenance may shorten the use of the instrument. Lifetime, so the maintenance of weekdays is of utmost importance. Today, Mingyu Automation discusses this issue with everyone to discuss how to maintain the pressure calibrator.
1. The principle of "person-in-charge, prevention-oriented, regular maintenance, and timely maintenance" is implemented in the pressure calibrator. Pressure calibrator maintenance, maintenance, commissioning, minor repair is the responsibility of the experimenter.
2. Routine maintenance: Refers to the routine maintenance performed by the pressure calibrator's operation and management procedures. The main items include the external cleaning, lubrication, fastening and visual inspection of the instrument.
3, a level of maintenance: This project is from the outside of the equipment into the equipment's internal (global cleaning, lubrication and fastening), it mainly includes the pressure on the general detachable body (such as demolition shell) maintenance Local disassembly inspection and adjustment, power on commissioning or flooding of the entire pressure calibrator.
4. Secondary maintenance: This project mainly refers to the internal maintenance of the pressure calibrator. It mainly includes the dismantling or dismantling of the main components of the general detachable instrument, and the adjustment and replacement of delicate parts. At the same time, it also includes a re-counting combination of all supporting components in the complete set of pressure calibrators, replacing the vulnerable components therein. In addition, it also includes precision checking, calibration and calibration of pressure calibrators that have been used for a long time (more than three years). Pressure calibrators are often left in a tidy, lubricated, safe, and usable state of technology.
5. The maintenance of the pressure calibrators it administers must be performed regularly without affecting the work. In addition to routine maintenance, a primary maintenance of the main equipment should be performed once a month. For instruments with strict cleanliness and temperature and humidity requirements (including special drugs, animal and plant specimens, etc.), in addition to routine maintenance, the condition of use and storage environment of these devices should be checked frequently. Dust control, temperature control, dehumidification, anti-corrosion, pest control, shockproof, etc. Prior to the end of each school year, in conjunction with the inspection of pressure calibrators, all types of instruments and materials were graded or maintained.

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