C1 driver's license can open seven seats of commercial vehicles?

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, every family has a car, so the test driver's license has almost become a trend, just as common as our ID cards. We all know that the type of driver's license is different from the type of driver. The C1 driver's license is the most common. Nowadays, commercial vehicles are very popular. Many friends have purchased seven commercial vehicles that are spacious and beautiful. The question that ensued was whether the C1 driver's license could open a seven-seater commercial vehicle? Check it out!

Each type of driver's license is different, and the regulations are very strict. According to the requirements of the "Regulations on the Use and Licensing of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses," the C1 driver's license is the smallest type of motorized vehicle, and the number of passengers is also strictly limited to 9 or less. In addition, the C1 driver's license can also be used to drive light and small micro-special vehicles, small micro passenger cars and trucks. Thus, the seven-seat commercial vehicle is within the driving range of the C1 driver's license.

For the novice driver, there are many things to pay attention to while driving, including the following aspects:

1. When the car starts, turns, stops, and changes lanes, turn lights are turned on. The turning lights are the channels through which you communicate with other vehicles, allowing other vehicles to know your intentions in a timely manner.

2, because it is a novice, so at the beginning of the road must remember to stick in the practice label at the back of the car. Such other vehicles will consciously away from you, can effectively guarantee your safety.

3, Parking is the most troublesome problem for most novices. Remember to practice this technique more and more to prevent unskilled technicians from losing sight of other vehicles in the parking process and losing money and effort.

As a novice, you must not blindly hit the road without knowing your driver's license. Otherwise, it is very troublesome to encounter traffic police. If you are fined and don’t say it, you may be able to tow away the vehicle. That’s not worth it. Moreover, when driving on the road, we must keep in mind the three listed in the article, I believe we can greatly reduce the probability of accidents.

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