Foton Aoling CTX green logistics high-end light truck

The core element of a racing car is the driving force. Having a strong heart will undoubtedly make it on the track fast and swift and take the lead.

As a strategic product launched by Foton Motor, the Cummins ISF 2.8-liter engine on the Olling CTX is derived from leading technologies in Europe and represents a global advanced level. The starting emission standard is National IV, and can easily be upgraded to the National V level. The post-processing technology is the most advanced selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology at the present stage. It is applied synchronously with high-pressure common rail systems, ECU electronic modules, and intelligent on-board diagnostics (OBD) systems to reduce the fuel consumption of this model. %, power output increased by more than 30%. Up to 96KW, the maximum torque has reached 1.5 times that of similar products, reaching 310N.m. The engine has an average overhaul distance of 500,000 kilometers, 20,000 kilometers interval maintenance, the whole machine adopts a modular design, spare parts 40 models less than similar models %, making the user's use of maintenance costs greatly reduced, life-long savings of more than 100,000 yuan.

Cummins Power, a high-quality ZF transmission from Germany, and a rear axle optimized by the British Lotus Technology constitute the "golden combination" of the Olympic Bell CTX, minimizing the loss of vehicle operation and realizing maximum power output. The utilization rate ensures that the entire vehicle is highly efficient, fuel-efficient, and low-emission. I believe there is such a strong intervention, Le Mans events will add more exciting points.

Aoling CTX Cummins 2.8L Power IV new product is the current domestic urban logistics high-end green energy-saving light truck, focusing on meeting the needs of government departments, organizations, customers of Isuzu power upgrade and high-end light trucks.

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