77-year-old man with military intelligence deep in more than 200 pieces of "August 1" stone garrison garrison

77-year-old man with military intelligence deep love more than 200 pieces of "August 1" stone garrison garrison diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-07-28

Zhengzhou, July 28th: ​​“I want to present my baby to lovely people free of charge!” On the eve of the August Day Army Day, 77-year-old elderly man from Dengfeng City, Henan Province, took more than 200 years to concentrate on collecting for 14 years. The "August 1st" rock was presented to the garrison troops to express their deep affection for the people's army and to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the founding of the army.
It is understood that Tian Hao is a famous stone collector in Henan Province. From the beginning of the recollection, due to Dengfeng’s repeated fighting, the people were hiding in Tibet and the people were not able to make a living. It was the children who had liberated Dengfeng, which enabled the people to live and work in peace and harmony. Since then, the elderly have had a special feeling for the People's Liberation Army. At the age of 18, when the People’s Republic of China was first established, he was determined to join the army and serve the motherland. "I have not been able to join the army because of various reasons. For this reason, I regretted my entire life!" On July 28, the old man said in an interview with reporters.
The old man can still clearly remember the scene when he first joined the work: “We just took over the Dengfeng Xindeng Coal Mine from the hands of the capitalists. At that time, the PLA had a class of soldiers responsible for defending the coal mine safety. They stayed at their posts day and night, and the wind did not blow. "The action was not possible." The old man witnessed the grace of the New China Liberation Army soldier and inspired him to have infinite respect and love for the people's army.
For many years, the television programs he likes to watch every day are military columns. The songs he likes to listen to are songs related to the troops, such as "Qing You Qing Shui Pure in the Frontier," "The Hero of Rolling Smoke," and "The Man Who Served as Soldier." In his heart, there is a concern and love for the People's Liberation Army. Whenever he thinks of the People's Liberation Army's life and property for the sake of the people in the fight against floods, earthquake relief, and courage, he will move forward with tears. Therefore, he will donate some treasures to express his feelings about the military.
The old man told reporters that the “August 1st” rock was collected in 1998. In the summer of that year, he unwittingly discovered the two rocks in the rivers of Dengfeng College after the heavy rains rushed. There was an “eight” character above the piece. There is a "one" above, and put together is "August". He was overjoyed and carefully took the two stones home, specifically asked people to give the stone a base, respectfully placed on the bookshelf.
Since then, the old man has been unable to accept it. In the past 14 years, he has been returning home late in the morning and returning to the mountains and rivers. He has traveled extensively to search for rivers and rivers in the Laoshan Mountain. He has since found himself with more than one hundred odd stones with "August" writing. The number of people, the oddness of the patterns, the differences in brushstrokes, and the uncanny workmanship are rare, and they have been identified as intangible cultural heritage by the Dengfeng Municipal People's Government. Recently, the old man spent another seven days, carefully arranging these more than 100 groups of stones into the "August 1st" logo to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the founding of the army. Later, he also made a special trip to the People’s Armed Forces Department of Dengfeng City and dedicated these strange stones to the garrison troops.
Some Shaoshan cultural studies scholars and industry experts in the stone collection industry believe that the collection of over 200 pieces of Lushan Kistler with “eight” and “one” fonts is not only rare in Henan, but also in the whole country, and it is hard to come by. The old man in Tian Lu can devote all these efforts to this, and the stones with high cultural value, ornamental value and collection value are dedicated to the People's Liberation Army. Their military support is also as precious as these wonderful stones. (Finish)
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