Dongfeng High-end Lubricant Products Need Innovation Breakthrough

In 2012, the global economic development further slowed down, and the international situation was undergoing drastic changes. This brought a lot of complexity and uncertainty to the development of China's lubricant industry. From the current consumer demand, the rigid demand potential of domestic vehicles is still in the car lubricants. The market will continue to grow for a long time. In addition, the social needs of energy saving and environmental protection are expanding day by day. Advances in automobile technology and large-scale and refined industrial equipment have enabled high-end lubricant products to have a broad market space, and are active with high-end models and environmentally-friendly models that use green fuels such as natural gas. In addition, sales of high-end oil products will continue to increase.

At present, the competition in the lubricants industry is intensifying, and many companies have begun to seek new breakthroughs. Whoever persists until the end, whoever is the biggest winner. However, persistence often requires strength and accurate market judgments. What kind of industry positioning can go further will be a question that every lubricants entrepreneur should think about. Dongfeng Lubricants is based on the wisdom of the East, and is based on national brands. It understands the dynamics of the industry and clearly defines the industry positioning of creating high-end, green, and internationalized national brands. Dongfeng Lubricant has always adhered to the idea of ​​brand operation. With its standardized market protection, perfect after-sales service and reliable product quality, Dongfeng Lubricants is gaining favor from dealers at all levels and more and more consumers.

Fine and innovative marketing model

At present, the lubricant industry as a whole is plagued by the bottleneck of the marketing model, the continuous compression of the channel space, resource checks and balances, the contradictions among channel participants such as manufacturers, distributors, and terminals are intensifying. Each manufacturer must design according to its own positioning. There are actual operational values ​​that really promote the development of their own channels, and promote the rapid development of the market and the brand.

Dongfeng lubricants abandon the traditional mode of mass communication and begin to develop corresponding products based on customer segments. At the same time, the formation of market segments will also promote changes in the business model of channel participants. In terms of meticulous management services, Dongfeng Lubricates all things for its own use, introduces cutting-edge technology in the era, enhances the market's overall response mechanism and after-sales service system according to the overall market development plan, and returns product value to customers in a better form. Dongfeng Lubricants adopted the “Oriental Wisdom” as the code and creatively proposed a unique three-level, five-star marketing model. By strengthening the industrial chain control capabilities of Dongfeng Oil Products, the Dongbu Oil Group will carry out the pressure of the middle-channel level and achieve unified planning.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Green Innovation

It can be seen from the policies and regulations that the country has recently released frequently that the direction of the development of the lubricant industry in the later period can be summed up in six words: energy saving, environmental protection, and economy. Coupled with the advancement of high-end models and environmentally-friendly models that use green fuels such as natural gas, they all show that energy-saving and emission-reduction and green environmental protection will always follow the development of the lubricant industry. Lubricant industry giants at home and abroad have adopted technical breakthroughs to improve the performance of energy saving and environmental protection of lubricants and oil products, and research and develop oil products that meet the national standards for energy-saving and emission reduction. However, various technologies are mixed and individualized, and they have not formed a unified industry. The standards still need further integration.

Since the birth of the brand, Dongfeng Lubricants has made green environmental protection the brand development issue. In addition to the innovative management of marketing refinement, Dongfeng Lubricants follows the national policies and industry development trends, and the green innovation in energy saving and environmental protection of the products. It is more than sufficient effort to constantly improve the environmental performance of products through technological innovation. On June 30th, 2012, China Dongfeng Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. together with Fortune 500 partner Korea Co., Ltd. released the first environmental protection proposal for lubricant products, aiming at implementing more through technology research and development. The company's concept of sustainable development, stepping on the "green lubrication" footsteps, to make the world more lubricating and harmonious.

Innovation has always been an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development. In the current lubricant industry, only by firmly grasping the pulse of the times and being brave in reforming and innovating can we achieve breakthroughs, gain survival and gain opportunities for development.

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