Suzhou Electric Machine Tool Research Institute developed into a special equipment for the 863 Program

The ZT-027 CNC EDM honeycomb grinding machine developed by Suzhou Electric Machine Tool Research Institute (Suzhou Electric Processing) was delivered.
This machine tool is mainly used for CNC EDM grinding of the inner ring of the rectifier of the National 863 Program. The machine has created the most domestic electrical processing equipment in terms of tonnage, number of CNC axes, and complexity of machining workpieces.
The inner ring honeycomb processing surface is very complicated, and the general processing method is difficult to solve. After many years of technical research, Suzhou Electric Machining has successfully solved this processing problem. The machine's seven-axis CNC, in addition to electrode loss measurement and real-time compensation, also has an on-machine measurement system that can measure the machining dimensions and accuracy of the workpiece.

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