Shanghai Duomont launches RV2×4E(Ex) series control valve

Shanghai Domon Control Technology Co., Ltd. is the general agent of German LDM control valve in China.

The RV2×4E(Ex) series of three-way control valves are high-performance three-way valves with split and merge functions. Due to the use of a variety of actuators, it can adjust the high pressure difference and low pressure difference medium under various industrial and mining conditions; flow characteristics, Kvs value and leakage level comply with international standards; can also be connected with all electric and pneumatic actuators.

Valves are designed for use in the metallurgical, non-ferrous, petrochemical, power, paper, and natural gas industries to regulate liquids, gases, vapors, and other media compatible with valve body materials.


●The valve is compact and light in weight

●Applicable to all kinds of harsh conditions such as high temperature and high pressure difference

● can be split or confluent

●Good sealing performance, the highest leakage is grade VI

●Long service life

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