Shencheng new fire emergency vehicle equipment life detector

106 vehicles equipped for emergency vehicles

According to squadron instructor Wei Yueyue, 80% of the squadrons are rescuers and social assistance. Therefore, the best configuration in the squadron is the Austrian multi-purpose rescue vehicle. The total price of this rescue vehicle is nearly 5 million yuan. It was put into combat preparation on May 1 and has been dispatched 44 times so far. It has completed various tasks such as traffic accident rescue, house collapse rescue and chemical disaster disposal.

According to reports, the head and tail of the rescue vehicle are equipped with a hydraulic winch with a maximum traction of 6 tons and a hydraulic lifting boom with a maximum lifting capacity of 5.2 tons. A 4×1000w lifting light is also provided in the middle of the vehicle. . To some extent, this rescue vehicle took on the task of wreckers, tractors, cranes and lighting vehicles.

Winch, boom and illuminator are just three of the 106 types of equipment in the 10 categories of emergency vehicles, some of which are equipped with head-mounted thermal imaging cameras, four-in-one gas detectors, forced breathing devices, etc. They are all not available in previous rescue vehicles.

Hydraulic clamps for table tennis

Li Guohua, the squad leader of the Wusong squadron, said that in addition to training, he still has to practice his mind. "In the case of a rescue class, not only will you use a crowbar, but you will also be able to use a variety of instruments to understand all kinds of things. The frequency is displayed."

There are a total of 9 people in the rescue class, and every day they are wondering how to use new equipment. What is most interesting to Li Guohua is the audio life detector. The detector consists of six probes and a main unit that can sense weak vibrations from 1 to 300 Hz, and is mainly used for rescue in house collapse and earth collapse accidents.

On the training ground, the soldiers also demonstrated the use of hydraulic cutting pliers: a tool that looks like a pliers, and a light beer bottle. It is understood that on each training day, the soldiers in the rescue class should repeatedly carry out the training of transferring the fragile targets such as beer bottles and table tennis to the designated place with hydraulic shearing pliers. Because in the field rescue, most of the accident vehicles are deformed and distorted. To break open without harming the trapped person, sufficient operational sensitivity and patience are required.

According to the Shanghai Fire Bureau, such rescue vehicles have been equipped with rescue teams for Changning, Pengpu, Xinyi and other squadrons. In the future, each district in Shanghai will be equipped with at least one emergency vehicle.

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