Research and development and technical application of separation of red mud by filter press

The APN filter press and its system produced by the Spanish company TH are one of the most advanced pressure filtration equipments in the world. They have been widely used in the coal preparation industry in China. With the continuous development and improvement of the technology, the APN filter press is colored. Industry red mud separation has also been applied. The filter press has three high-pressure static pressure filtration dehydration, strong gas flow pressure dehydration, mechanical pressure dehydration three solid-liquid separation methods, so that the filter cake moisture is minimized. Shandong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. introduced the Spanish filter press in October 2001 to carry out concentrated filtration of red mud. Through the research and modification of equipment, spare parts and materials, the process is improved and the pressure is improved. Filters play a unique role in the alumina industry. The second alumina plant of Shandong Aluminum Co., Ltd. adopts a unique production process and uses the imported gibbsite-type bauxite to produce alumina from the Bayer process. In the red mud separation process, a folding belt filter and a 100m2 filter are used. In order to develop new processes, introduce new equipment, and improve the technical conditions of the existing process, the APN-18S3 plate and frame filter press was introduced and applied to In the red mud separation, because it is a new equipment, and there is no experience in the alumina industry, there are many unexpected problems in the operation process. Through the research and modification of the localization of equipment, spare parts and materials, and the improvement of the process, the Spanish filter press is up to standard in all indicators. While creating economic benefits, it fills the application gap of plate and frame filter presses. At present, the capacity of the filter press machine reaches 10T/H dry red mud, which not only ensures the liquid volume of the second alumina plant with an annual output of 200,000 tons of alumina, but also makes the main technical indexes such as alumina alkali consumption and net dissolution rate. Optimized and significant economic benefits.

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