LED lamp prices will gradually become "close to the people" in the next three years

Everything is rising, but there are also prices that are not falling. The LED lights in the lighting market are in the process of price reduction. The reporter visited the market and found that the LED lights that were sold for 40 to 50 yuan at the beginning of last year can now be purchased for less than 30 yuan. The industry expects that the LED industry will usher in explosive growth in the next three years, and the price will be more grounded.
Because the price has not been close to the people, in 2012, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "China's phasing out the incandescent lamp road map", incandescent lights will gradually withdraw from the market within five years. Since October 1, 2012, ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 100 watts and above have been delisted. From October 1 this year, ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 60 watts and above will also be delisted. After the incandescent lamp was delisted, energy-saving lamps began to occupy the mainstream of the lamp market, and LED lamps that were more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps also appeared in the household lamp market. It is understood that a 6-watt LED lamp has a brightness similar to that of a 60-watt incandescent lamp and a 12-watt energy-saving lamp, but it can save 90 more than an incandescent lamp. It can be used for 6 hours a day, one year of use, and one LED lamp. Save more than 10 yuan on electricity than energy-saving lamps, saving 50 to 60 yuan than ordinary incandescent lamps.
However, the price of LED lamps is much more expensive than that of energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps. For example, a 7-watt LED lamp costs 50 to 60 yuan, while an ordinary energy-saving lamp costs only 10 yuan, and a cheap incandescent lamp costs only 1 yuan. This also makes LED lights have been difficult to enter the homes of ordinary people because of the price.
The price cuts in the year reached 40 or so. However, many citizens recently found that LED lights have been reduced. Mr. Li was purchasing lamps in the past year. He ordered a living room LED lamp in a building materials market in Jiangdongmen. Two bedroom LED ceiling lamps cost a total of more than 600 yuan. These lamps were bought at the beginning of last year. The price is three. More than 40%. Mr. Peng, the person in charge of LED lamp sales, told reporters that he started selling LED lights two years ago. At the beginning, the price of each LED lamp was more than 100 yuan, but the price has been steadily declining every year for the past two years. There are two large price adjustments in one year, one at the beginning of the year and one in December last year. Each time the decline is around 20, such as the 18W high-end downlight, which sold for more than 300 yuan at the beginning of 2013. The price is now less than 200 yuan. The ceiling lamp price is reduced by a small margin, but it is also cheaper by about 30%.
What is the reason for the price reduction of LED lights? According to industry analysts, the LED technology is becoming more and more mature, and the cost of LED chips and packaging has dropped significantly. The price of LED lamps has also dropped significantly. With the advancement of incandescent lamps, the LED lamp market will become more and more large. According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, the next three years will be the outbreak of LED lighting, especially the energy-saving replacement will be a big market, and the price is more grounded.

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