Large pressure water fluid cleaning burning point with fan wheel practice

Cover the fan impeller, steam it on the steam, soften the scale, and then clean it by hand. If it is not cleaned locally, it should be baked with an oxygen gun and then tapped to make the scale completely fall off. It usually takes 7 days to clean an impeller. The disadvantages of these two methods are: due to the baking with an oxygen lance, the impeller is easily deformed and the deformation is severe, and it is forced to be scrapped. Before cleaning the impeller with high-pressure water jets, the plant must order at least two fan impellers per year.

Introduction of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology and system working principle Cleaning technology has always been an important and indispensable engineering project in the industrial field. For many years, China's cleaning industry has been in a backward state of cleaning mainly with chemicals. Chemical cleaning has certain corrosiveness, high cost and low efficiency. The cleaning waste liquid causes serious pollution to the environment and endangers the health of operators. The manual cleaning efficiency is low and the equipment is seriously deformed. The advanced nature of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology developed in response to this situation and the remarkable features of high efficiency and pollution-free have attracted great attention from various industries. This high-tech has been widely used in various fields such as industry, transportation, and national defense in developed countries. The research, development and application of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology in China have achieved rapid development since the 1980s.

The working mechanism of the high-pressure water jet cleaning technology is: using water as the medium, a specific fluid movement mode is formed by the high-pressure pump, and the pressure energy is converted from a certain shape nozzle into a highly concentrated water jet flow which can be ejected at a high speed. Jet. The fouling material is broken, peeled and cleaned by the powerful impact force and shearing force of the jet. Various processes such as cleaning, cutting, and crushing can be completed.

The scale of the main blower impeller of the sintering machine is high-temperature hard mineral powder and other material scale, so the selection: high-pressure pump motor power: 90kW high-pressure water working pressure: 2040MPa high-pressure water flow rate: 90105L/min according to being cleaned Different water jet nozzles are used for the shape, material and scale of the equipment.

The shape of the water jet nozzle for cleaning the exhaust fan is: round, material: high carbon alloy 2 high pressure water jet cleaning and traditional cleaning technology comparison (1) manual descaling: steam steaming, oxygen gun baking, manual cleaning Powder. The limitations are as follows: low work efficiency, poor descaling effect, severe impeller deformation, unrecoverable deformation, and equipment scrapping.

(2) Chemical descaling: soak for 10 hours or more with a high concentration of acidic detergent. The limitation is: high acid concentration (more than 70%) and long immersion time. Despite the protective effect of corrosion inhibitor, it will cause certain corrosion to the rotor blade, reduce its welding strength and affect the service life of the equipment. It can tear during operation, causing adverse consequences.

(3) High-pressure water jet descaling According to different levels of scale, choose the appropriate water pressure (2040MPa) and the operating cutting angle (20b35b) to clean the scale in a short time. Its main features: high-pressure water jet is water as medium, without adding any chemical substances, will not damage and corrode the substrate of the object to be cleaned. Does not discharge chemical cleaning waste liquid, does not pollute the environment, fundamentally changes the harm of chemical cleaning drugs to operators, protects the health of operators, eliminates dust pollution compared with manual descaling, and is important for preventing workers from silicosis significance. It is better than the general cleaning method, and the cleaning efficiency is high (usually it takes 1 day to clean one impeller), and the cost is low.

Conclusion The application of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology has been effective for two years, and its main advantages are time saving, labor saving and cost saving. Since the application of this technology, the factory has not ordered a new D2800 fan impeller, according to the estimated reduction of 5 orders, saving 900,000 yuan. At present, this cleaning technology has been applied to the cleaning of the main blower impeller of 90m2, 105m2 sintering machine.

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