Application of electronic level control condensate automatic eliminator in compressed air

Working principle of the eliminator The working principle of the eliminator is shown in Fig. 1. The condensed water in the compressed air is introduced from the inlet 3, and is collected in the container 4. The system pressure is added due to the upper first conduit 6 first conductive magnetic valve 7 On the diaphragm valve foot, the upper space of the diaphragm valve forms a high pressure to ensure that the wide mouth is tightly sealed. Capacitive liquid level sensor 2 is short when the water level in the container rises to the highest point Ni2, the pilot valve rises to close the upper first conduit, so that the pressure on the upper part of the diaphragm valve is removed, and the diaphragm valve is watered from below. Plug; 2 sensor 3. inlet; 4. container 5. clever plug; 6. upper duct; 7. first conductive magnetic valve 8. diaphragm valve 9. valve seat; 10. outlet top pressure from the valve seat cake container to drain water Export butterfly remover.
Easy to install. The inlet and outlet of the eliminator are parallel and the common pipe thread installation is quite simple. The drain pipe can be connected by a hose and a hard pipe. As long as the condensate is removed first during installation, the inlet is placed in the lower part of the air pressure system and held vertically above the outlet and perpendicular.
Safety. The electrical voltage of the whole electronic system is 24 eight. All operating components and electronic control parts are waterproof and dustproof. 3 Use effect In May 2002, the rotary air of the continuous casting machine cold bed and flame cutting machine of Guangzhou Iron and Steel Electric Furnace Factory The effect is ideal when the ejector is installed in front of the pneumatic components. Because the gas point is closer to the compressor room, the diameter of the pipe is torn. The valve is opened three times a day before the valve is drained at least 21 times, and at the same time, a large amount of compressed air is leaked at the same time, and the cutter is often caused by the water directly entering the electromagnetic reversing valve. Unable to work, seriously affecting production. After the device is installed, the eliminator has water, which needs to be manually discharged and automatically carried out, which avoids the concentration of water in the pipeline and quickly enters the pneumatic component to affect the production, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the worker and avoiding the compressed air due to drainage. A large amount of leakage causes a reduction in system pressure.
6 Economic benefits Direct economic benefits. According to the comparison of new and old dense lime production indicators in 2001, the direct benefit is 4,210,870 yuan / 3.
The amount and activity are increased by 3.4 and 201 to 10 01, which is beneficial to the converter to shorten the smelting time, reduce the consumption of lime and improve the quality of molten steel. The indirect benefits in steel production are considerable.
7 There are problems and improvement opinions, the exhaust temperature is too high. After the heat exchange and dust removal of the lime plug flue gas, the temperature still reaches 200~2, which is much higher than the dew point temperature of the flue gas. The sensible heat of the flue gas is not fully recovered, and the normal operation of the induced draft fan is considered. It is solved by increasing the heat exchange area of ​​the heat exchanger.
The dense top feed bin leaks and smog. In order to increase the flames of the fire show, the 1 Meng Meng blower and the foolish wax history charm: force, so that the dense top presents a large positive pressure, causing the dust at the top of the silo Now, the lower feed opening and the top cyclone device have been improved to solve the problem. Control of lime particle size. With the improvement of technology and equipment and the application of new technology, the lime particle size is controlled in the range of 40~Tear 1 and the undersize is reduced. It is necessary to improve the limestone particle size to be controlled at 35~70. In progress.
8 Conclusion The acquisition of the new dense effect is systematically related to the process. The combined results of equipment improvements and the application of new technologies. In particular, the application of the combined burner technology of the casing type burner brick lays a foundation for stable production and high production of gas burning.
The old energy consumption is high, and the utilization factor is low. It is necessary to promote the use of double preheating technology. It is suitable and feasible to use the metal tube heat exchanger for double preheating.

1. The main material used is polyurethane.
2. Effective travel is 2300*1250*200mm(X*Y*Z)
3. Standard bench 2000*1000*900mm(L*W*H)
4. Use the HT600 hybrid head.
5. The width of the rubber strip after foaming is 8mm-30mm.

1. Temperature holding system( no need air conditioner room.)
2. Tapping water cleaning system( no need chemical cleaning liquid)
3. Patented Anti-blocking gluing nozzle.

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