All-welded ball valve strength test using water as medium for strength test

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According to the experts of the association, in the development of these new valves, attention should be paid to the application of new technological skills. For example, the development of long-distance pipelines for all large-diameter ball valves should use all welding skills; in order to improve the corrosion resistance and erosion resistance of valve sealing surfaces, a few Manufacturers have begun to use supersonic flame spraying tungsten carbide process, together should pay attention to the selection of nano-level data on the sealing surface coating modification, and laser cladding technology research and development. In addition, the cobalt-chromium-tungsten-plasma wire active overlay welding technology applied in the valve profession for many years should continue to be implemented as an alternative technology welding to ensure the quality of the valve sealing surface; for the active control of the engineering equipment process, the intelligent electric motor should be strengthened. Development of hydrodynamic transmission equipment valves; Accelerating research and development of new transmission methods such as magnetic transmission, development of new closed magnetic transmission valve series, elimination of leakage points between stem and packing, making it suitable for flammable, explosive, toxic , corrosive media and demand on the pipeline to determine, prevent misuse.
The all-welded ball valve strength test uses water as the medium for the strength test. It is required to weld a high-pressure cap at the two ports of the ball valve, so that the sphere of the ball valve is at a turning angle of 45 degrees, and the pressure valve on both sleeves is used to write into the welded ball valve. Into the water, so that the pressure rises to 1.5 times the nominal pressure of the welding ball valve, pressure 15min, if no media leakage occurs, it is clear that no leakage is normal.
According to Wang Chunchen, Minister of Technology of Wuzhou Valve Co., Ltd., the DBB twin ball valve planning principle: Full compliance with the planning criteria of API6D, PAI6A, ASMEVlll and ASMEB16.34, with two series of full diameter and reduced diameter. The diameter of the channel of the full-diameter ball valve is the same as the internal diameter of the pipeline, which not only minimizes the fluid resistance, but also facilitates the pipeline finishing. The reduced-diameter ball valve's fluid resistance is much lower than the fluid resistance of the same-diameter globe valve. The weight of the ball valve is 30% lighter than that of the two billiard valves with the same diameter, which effectively lowers the production cost and the user's purchase price, and thus it is widely used. The use of.
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