·In November, car sales increased by 20% year-on-year, and small-displacement cars and SUV models became profitable devices.

Stimulated by the end of the car industry and the purchase tax incentives, the car market ushered in growth in November. According to the data provided by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in November, passenger cars sold a total of 2,196,800 units, an increase of 13.42% from the previous month. 23.74%. Small-displacement cars and SUV models have become a booster.

A small displacement car is affected by the policy

Affected by the small-displacement purchase tax halving policy, sales of many models in November surged, hitting a record high. For example, the highest-selling Volkswagen LaVida, with a monthly sales of 422.06 million, set a new high. This is the case for a number of models including Sylphy, Yinglang and Haval H6. They all have a common point behind them, that is, there are 1.6L or less displacement in the car, which is obviously the state’s tax reduction for small displacement. The policy has produced results.

Data show that sales of passenger cars of 1.6L and below in November were 1.5566 million, an increase of 16.5% over the previous month. Small-displacement vehicles accounted for 70.9% of automobile sales. The above data indicates that the purchase tax reduction policy of 1.6L and below, which was implemented on October 1st, is continuing to promote the sales of such models.

Especially for most of the self-owned brand models, the small-displacement is more prominent after the national policy subsidy, so the sales of the 1.6L and below displacement models are better. Chinese brands such as Geely Dorsett, Changan Yidong, Chuanqi GS4, and Tiggo 5 have many surprises. However, within the level of more than 150,000 yuan, it is rare to see the appearance of domestic brands.

Car sales are sluggish, SUV is still hot

In November of this year, SUV sales were 673,969 units, an increase of 74.6% year-on-year; car sales were 10,680,17 units, down 0.3% year-on-year. SUVs continue to grow at a high rate, while cars are sluggish and even fall year-on-year, reflecting today's consumer trends – the sluggish car and the emergence of SUVs.

Everyone loves SUV models and gives their own brands a chance to grow rapidly. Haval's H6 sales exceeded 40,000 units for the first time, reaching an astonishing 40,311 units. It is the highest sales record of the current SUV models. It will be far behind the joint venture brands such as Tiguan, CRV and Angkewei. The domestic models are in the low-end SUV. There is a good gain in the field.

According to industry analysts, near the end of the year, dealers all over the world have entered the sales sprint stage, the market demand is relatively strong, and the impact of the purchase tax halving policy, the car sales in the next two months will continue this upward trend. For the next year's auto market, Dong Yang, executive vice president of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said that the official forecast data of the China Automobile Association has not yet been released, but he believes that there will be no double digits in the range of 5% to 7%. The rapid growth.

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