Before the CNC system power on should pay attention to what?

In order to ensure the normal operation of the CNC system, when the CNC machine tool is installed or debugged for the first time or is powered on for the first time after the machine is transported, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Here are the preparatory tasks that should be done before the CNC system is powered on:

1. Check whether the specifications of the AC power supply comply with the requirements of the CNC device. Check the voltage, frequency, and capacity of the AC power supply.

2. Carefully check that all connection cables between the CNC unit and the outside world are correctly and reliably connected according to the specifications provided in the supplied connection technical manual. The connection of the CNC system is the pointer to the numerical control unit and its associated feed and spindle servo. The drive unit performs mainly including the connection of the external cable and the connection of the digital control system power supply. Before connecting, it is necessary to carefully check the numerical control system device and the mdi/crt unit, the position display unit, the tape reader, the power supply unit, and the printed circuit boards. And servo units, etc., should take measures or replace if found problems. At the same time should pay attention to check the connection of the connectors and each printed circuit board is tight, whether inserted into place, whether the plug loose, tighten the fastening screws, because Malfunction caused by failure is the most common;

3. It is necessary to confirm whether the hardware setting on the various printed circuit boards in the CNC device meets the requirements of the CNC device. These hardware settings include various shorting bar settings and adjustable potentiometers;

4. The protective grounding wire of the CNC machine tool must be inspected carefully. The CNC machine tool must have a good ground wire to ensure equipment and personal safety and reduce electrical interference. The protective earthing wire should be connected between the servo unit, servo transformer and power cabinet.

After the above-mentioned checks are confirmed to be correct, the CNC device can be put into power-on operation. This will not cause trouble in the work process.

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