Design promotes the transformation of the machinery industry

Design promotes the transformation of the machinery industry BMW Exhibition closed to focus

On November 30th, the 6th China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Exhibition (Shanghai Baoma Exhibition), officially known as the "World's fourth largest construction machinery exhibition and mechanical barometer", formally ended. The exhibition attracted more than 2,600 exhibitors and more than 130,000 professional visitors from all over the world, setting a record high in the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors. However, the real highlight of the show is the new products carried by the major brands. The exquisite industrial design level is stunning.

At the BMW Exhibition, the domestic machinery giants such as Sany, XCMG and Liugong, as well as international giants such as Caterpillar and Volvo, displayed new products for the audience, highlighting the unique charm of industrial design. From Zoomlion’s cranes and excavators to XCMG’s “steel spiderman”: walking excavators, tower cranes; new products from LiuGong’s CLG418IV grader, the CLG506 wheel paver, to the SANY’s lifting machinery. Under the impetus of the design, the major brands of new products took a brand new look at the BMW Show, winning praise from buyers and professional visitors. XCMG’s new generation of steel “Spider-Man”—a remote-controlled walking excavator—would have taken on the scene with the popular dance of “Jiangnan style” under the operation of the staff.

Mechanical Industry Breaks through the "Bottleneck" Design

After the "Golden Decade" of China's construction machinery, the scale of output value soared from 40 billion to 4.3 billion, and China has become the world's largest machinery production base. However, the development of the golden decade has also highlighted the fatal problems in China's machinery industry. Behind this BMW exhibition, we have to face up to the pain of the machinery industry: After the vigorous development of the “Golden Ten Years”, our machinery industry began to show Continuing downward trend. The spirit of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China advocated that China take a new road to urbanization and use ecological, livable and harmonious urbanization as its goal. However, at present, many of China's construction machinery industry is still blindly comparing the index, than the size, specific power, than the tonnage, this competition mechanism will inevitably lead the machinery industry to bear its consequences, such as the waste of resources brought about by excessive technology, the product is excessive pursuit of technical content and ignore the essence Sexual needs. The “Urbanization” spirit of the 18th National Congress represents the future direction of urban development in our country. During the process of urbanization, it emphasizes the preservation of cultural relics, protection of original features, and the protection of the natural environment. It no longer advocates a complete reversal. In the old sense, the machinery industry should reflect on and recognize this big trend, learn lessons, pay more attention to and focus on the direction of future social development, pay attention to the internal and substantive needs of products, and develop products that meet the direction of human development.

Jialantu Engineering Machinery Design and Research Institute believes that from the perspective of the entire international background, the competition in the machinery industry has shifted from the excessive competition in technology and functions to the full satisfaction of market demand competition, and the competition in design has become increasingly fierce. This is an irreversible trend. China's machinery companies can only focus on the development direction of the quasi-industry, and truly value all aspects of technology, function, marketing, management, and design. Only after they can get rid of a single competition mechanism for technical indicators and an extensive growth model can they be in the world machinery industry. Takes a place in it. In this exhibition, several leading brands such as Sany, Xugong, Liugong, etc., were publicly exposed by the giants of the world. The most striking new products they brought were the strengths and charm of “design”. The big brand has a big vision. XCMG, Liugong and other Chinese mechanical giants did not take the path of blind development in order to take advantage of the “Golden Ten Years”, but instead insisted on function as the main body, marketing and design as two wings, and paid attention to the role of design in enhancing brand competitiveness.

Galanto leads the design of recast machinery "Golden Decade"

The reporter visited Galatu's design and learned that Galanto has always used mechanical engineering as a strategic business segment to provide the best design and consulting services for domestic and international big brands. Over ten years' experience in the design and development of machinery industry has been recognized by Jialantu. .

It is understood that in order to better serve the machinery industry, Jialantu set up the Design Institute exclusively to provide machinery industry customers with market analysis, user research and strategic design services. Through the research-based design and scientific product line planning to create value for the company, to enhance the brand and product competitiveness. It is worth pointing out that Galanto's core technicians have many years of experience in industrial equipment and have a leading domestic level of mechanical design. It can be said that rich experience in the implementation of automatic control projects, leading mechanical design level, advanced design concepts, together form a strong design capabilities of Gallantou.

“The “Golden Decade” of China's construction machinery industry has already disappeared. With the increasing homogenization of technology, using 'design' as a breakthrough point, through design, it can be a better breakthrough.” Machinery industry experts An interview with reporters said. In fact, China’s machinery industry should change its previous concept, attach great importance to the role of industrial design in promoting the development of enterprises, and abandon the old concept of “industrial design is product design”, and introduce the design to the strategic level of the enterprise through design. The role of play to enhance the competitiveness of brands and products.

Through examples of successful cooperation between the machinery industry and Gallantou and other design giants, we can see that design has an irreplaceable role in enhancing the brand strength of the machinery industry. At the BMW show, major brands such as Sany, Liugong, XCMG, and Zoomlion were able to demonstrate "muscles". The design was "a behind-the-scenes hand" and it was the power of design that made them stand out.

The successful holding of the 6th Shanghai BMW Exhibition demonstrated the brand strength of China's heavy machinery industry and highlighted the important role of design for the machinery industry. I believe that through this large-scale display, China's machinery industry will have a new thinking on the design, with the help of the powerful design, China's machinery industry will usher in the next "golden decade"!

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