China Breaks through the Core Technology of Ultra-precision Processing Equipment

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China Drying News has achieved a breakthrough in the core technology of ultra-precision processing equipment capable of controlling one-thousandth of a millionth of a millimeter. On the 7th, this scientific and technological achievement of the national "863" key project with China's independent intellectual property rights was passed through the country in Shangyu, Zhejiang. Level identification. This means that China ranks among the international advanced manufacturers of ultra-precision machining equipment .

The reporter saw at the production site of Zhejiang Sun Co., Ltd. at the identification site that the Crankshaft Servo Grinding Machine manufactured by this technology and the international top-level similar grinding machine simultaneously processed the crankshafts of the same type. The experts at the appraisal site respectively sampled the parts and compared them with internationally recognized authoritative testing equipment. The roundness error of the connecting rod neck of the machining parts of the machine tool was only 0.0028 millimeters, which was significantly lower than the 0.0042 millimeters of the comparative workpieces.

Professor Lei Yuanzhong, an expert on ultra-precision machining and an honorary director of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, told reporters that possessing precision machine tool manufacturing capability is an important symbol of a manufacturing powerhouse. At present, only a few countries in the world have mastered these technologies. In order to improve the overall level of manufacturing, China has been actively exploring. The core technology of this ultra-precision processing equipment is an original breakthrough, which has practical significance for promoting the development of the Chinese machine tool industry and improving the overall level of the manufacturing industry.

Ma Jingkun, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the China Federation of Machinery Industry, said that the machine tool is the working machine of the manufacturing industry. Last year, China's machine tool production reached 250,000 units, but all of them were medium and low-grade products. Precision and ultra-precision machine tools have been unable to break through, and they need to rely on imports.

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