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Zhengtong Factory Carbide Components, an ISO 9001 Certified company, provides the highest-quality Tungsten Carbide Wearing Parts, Specialty Components and other specialized parts to many industries throughout the world, which including Carbide Seal Rings, Bushing, Roll Ring for rolling steel orifice, Carbide balls and Carbide Nozzle, mud deflectors, Valve seat and stems, Rotors and stators TC restrictor ring, Flow control components, Carbide nozzles, Seal rings, Bushing-.etc.

Tungsten Carbide Wear Parts are an ideal choice for use in demanding wear applications. It offers huge advantages over other materials in applications from water jet blasting to paint spraying, atomizing, and drying. We have an extensive history custom making such spray type wear parts from pressing the blanks through finishing complete.

Tungsten Carbide Industrial Wearing Parts

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