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Self-propelled Corn Combine

Gold Dafeng Self-propelled corn combine, integrates all the advantages of the main-stream products, and as the former joint-venture partner of American Giant Agco, definitely is believed to be your first choice.

With the Weichai Engine, the top one engine brand, all the three series---4LZP-3(three rows corn combine harvester), 4YZP-4(four rows), and 4YZP-5(five rows) are ranked to the peak among all the players in the agricultural industrial field.

Models are applied to corn/maize with novel design, attractive appearance, and compact structure.

Lower noise is achieved by optimized gravity center while the shorter turning radius is a surplus added value. Its powerful and environment friendly EUROâ…¢ engine guaranteed environment protection while engaging in the toughest working in full loading mode at the same time.

Higher husking efficiency is accomplished with the 20-roll peeler. Steering, grains dumping and residual mixture recovering to the ground are all driven by the hydraulic system. 

Multi-function in one technique, accomplishes the whole process of snapping, husking, crushing, chopping, straw returning.

Three rows Self- propelled Corn/ Maize Combine Harvester

3 rows corn picker

Four rows Self- propelled Combine Harvester

4 rows maize harvesting machines

Corn Harvester

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