Sludge dryer achieves serialization

Drying equipment China Drying Network News Small-sized sludge dryers, special sludge dryers and high-viscosity sludge dryers manufactured by Shenyang Yitong Venture Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. of Northeastern University have been put into operation in various companies. , And used by Chinese Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and other companies. Sludge dryer has been serialized, with a daily processing capacity of 10 tons-400 tons and other models.
Sludge dryer is a special dryer designed for the high viscosity and high humidity of sludge. It adopts a series of new technologies and equipments such as dedicated feeder, powerful breaking device, high-intensity radiation and heat transfer, and the initial moisture content is 85. % of the sludge is once dried to a final moisture content of 12% or less, and the drying time is short, typically 8-12 minutes.
The sludge enters the dryer through a dedicated feeder, and the specially designed sampan plates and copy plates on the rotating drum wall are copied to the top to drop, and are broken and broken by a strong disperser during the falling process. In the process of repeated copying and dropping, large pieces of material are continuously broken into small particles. In the first 1/3 of the dryer, high-intensity radiant heat transfer technology is used to quickly dry the material and the material is dried to small particles with no viscosity. After that, it enters the speed reduction drying section, and the hot air and the material undergo heat and mass transfer to complete the drying process and reach the required moisture discharge. The fine powder is collected by the dust collection device. Exhaust can be treated to fully meet environmental emission requirements

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Silicon Filter Cage

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