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At present, global energy shortage and energy conservation are important issues for us in the future. As a new type of green light source product, LED is bound to be the future development trend. In the 21st century, it will enter the era of new lighting sources represented by LED. With the reduction of technology and production costs of some domestic manufacturers, the situation of LED lighting is not good or will change. Low price In recent years, the overall characteristics of the lighting industry has been the transformation from traditional lighting to LED lighting. Through these years of rapid development, LED lighting products have gradually replaced traditional lighting products, occupying an important position in the lighting industry. Due to the rapid improvement of the cost performance of LED lighting products, the penetration rate of LED lighting products is also increasing year by year. LED lighting has made great progress in both technical and market aspects. At present, global energy shortage and energy conservation are important issues for us in the future. As a new type of green light source product, LED is bound to be the future development trend. In the 21st century, it will enter the era of new lighting sources represented by LED. With the reduction of technology and production costs of some domestic manufacturers, the situation of LED lighting is not good or will change. The cheap and beautiful LED lighting products will bring revolutionary impact to the Chinese lighting industry and bring bright gospel to consumers. Industry competition will become more intense In 2015, there were more than 20,000 domestic LED companies. As the industry matures, the LED lighting industry will be reshuffled in the next three to five years. Judging from the growth trend of various links in the first half of 2016, the overall growth rate of the upper and middle reaches has declined compared with last year due to fierce market competition and even overcapacity. The export value of lighting products in the first quarter was US$8.5 billion, a decrease of 14.8% compared with the same period of last year. This situation has not been seen for many years, indicating that the situation is grim. LED lighting is not good, it will change. On the one hand, the LED penetration rate in the lighting market is still increasing, and the price decline has also narrowed. The commercial and home market performance is outstanding. On the other hand, with the maturity of small-pitch technology and the price acceptance in the market, the LED display market is gaining momentum. In addition, the market launch of automotive lighting and agricultural lighting has accelerated significantly from the previous year. Although the industry as a whole continues to move upwards, many people in the industry have expressed grim conditions and pressure on the situation in the first half of the year. At present, LED lighting is in the golden 3 years of rapid penetration. Due to the short process of LED lighting and the relatively easy mastery of technology, China has a cost advantage in the segmentation of LED lighting, and will become the main production base of LED lighting in the world. The current LED companies only continue to improve their own quality, be brave in innovation, and open up a wider lighting market. Through the survival of the fittest in the market competition, what is finally precipitated is the industry based on manufacturing, which enhances and promotes the progress of the industry. According to industry analysts, the overall lighting industry in 2016 will enter a spiraling period, and overall demand will rise steadily, but the growth rate is relatively flat, and there will be no more outbreaks in previous years. As market demand is gradually spurred, market competition becomes more and more cruel. This year, the price war between enterprises is still fierce, and profits are becoming weaker. The entire LED lighting industry will enter the era of low profit. Intelligent lighting combined with the Internet will become the main melody industry. After the rapid growth of spurt in recent years, the overcapacity and price wars are increasingly sharp. In addition, the market demand is cold, the industry estimates the growth rate of the LED industry market in 2016. Will slow down. With the rapid development of the Internet and the increasing popularity of the Internet of Things, especially LEDs are becoming more popular, and have begun to enter thousands of households. The growth of smart cities and smart homes has made intelligent lighting more and more widely used in daily life. Intelligent lighting brings new opportunities for LED lighting companies. The development of intelligent lighting in the future is an unstoppable trend. According to statistics, the domestic LED lighting application market will reach 82.3 billion yuan in 2016. China is expected to become the top 5 LED lighting consumer in the world. John Couch, vice president of connected lighting company Gooee, previously revealed that by 2019, intelligent lighting systems using IoT technology will bring about $550 billion in revenue to software and services, while the revenue from hardware sales is only 50 billion. Dollar. It can be seen that in 2016 and even in the next few years, the field of intelligent lighting will be a red sea. Many traditional lighting equipment manufacturers, such as Philips Lighting and Osram, are actively transforming into intelligent lighting solutions providers. Huawei and Op Lighting have teamed up to create smart life. Schneider, GE Lighting and other industrial automation, automation control, energy management. Industrial enterprises with a focus on business, in the wave of industrial Internet, Internet of Things, and big data, also penetrated from their own advantageous fields to the field of intelligent lighting. As a subsystem of smart home, intelligent lighting is one of the new directions for the development of the lighting industry in the future. Pang Guiwei, chairman of Tongpu Technology, once said. Through cross-border interaction and cooperation, the combination of lighting and light source and the combination of hardware and mobile network, smart lighting and the Internet are gradually becoming a new outlet for the development of the industry. China's LED products occupy a more important position in the world market. On May 16, the State Council executive meeting discussed and adopted the "National Basic Public Service System Twelfth Five-Year Plan" to study and determine the policy measures to promote the consumption of energy-saving home appliances such as LED lighting, and propose Arrange 2.2 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting. At present, the domestic LED industry has a good research foundation in terms of technology, and the gap with foreign countries is gradually narrowing; the initial capital expenditure and labor cost for the initial establishment of the plant are low; the industrial cluster effect has been formed. In addition, it is not difficult to find from the macroeconomic situation that the downward pressure on China's economy still exists. The LED lighting industry has obvious structural overcapacity problems. However, under the strong support of local governments, LED lighting companies have experienced A more pleasant stage of growth. With the launch of the domestic market, OSRAM sold 13.47% of Foshan Lighting's shares to Guangsheng Group in 2015; Japan's Matsushita Lighting shut down its Shanghai lighting factory and Hangzhou factory in China in 2014, and fully contracted lighting. Business, foreign markets are dying, and the proportion of Chinese companies in the lighting industry will become larger and larger. Last year, Feile Audio acquired SYLVANIA. It is believed that more Chinese lighting companies will go global in the future with products, brands or capital. The global market share of Chinese lighting products is gradually expanding. 2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Energy conservation and emission reduction will continue to be the top priority. LED lighting products that can play an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction will be valued by the government and the market to promote the LED lighting industry. Further development. Under the influence of multiple factors such as the adjustment of its own structure within the lighting industry, it faces a complicated situation. In general, the overall trend in 2016 is still the gradual reduction of traditional light source products, while LED lighting products are gradually increasing, this trend has not changed, but the growth of LED lighting products tends to be stable. At present, China's lighting industry is over-supplied due to the excessive number of enterprises and overcapacity; the future trend is still integrated, and on the other hand, through mergers and acquisitions, a group of enterprises will be bigger and stronger. On the other hand, it will gradually phase out a group of uncompetitive enterprises, making China's lighting industry more healthy and competitive.

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