Wuhu Maritime Bureau Tongling Station with manufacturers

Wuhu Maritime Bureau Tongling Station with manufacturers

In order to further implement the "Notice on Strengthening Communication Information Guarantee during the "Year of Youth Olympic Games" of the Communication and Information Center of Wuhu Maritime Safety Administration, and in conjunction with the annual equipment maintenance plan for this year's Youth Olympic Games, on the afternoon of August 14, the Tonghu Station of Wuhu Maritime Affairs Bureau cooperated with the manufacturer. Diesel generators maintenance work.

On the same day, technicians at Tongling Station first cooperated with factory maintenance personnel to replace the antifreeze, engine oil, and oil and diesel filters of the diesel engine unit. During the maintenance process, the manufacturer's technical representatives also conducted simple practical training on the technical personnel of the station and the newcomers. Subsequently, in order to eliminate the impact of vibration on the operator's station when the diesel engine was working, the technicians also performed a shift process on the operator's station. After maintenance is completed, all parameters of the test boot are stable and normal.

The smooth completion of the maintenance work of the oil tanker ensured the stable operation of the communication and informatization equipment during the “Year of Youth Olympic Games” and effectively eliminated potential safety hazards.

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