The "New Normal" accelerates the "going out" of the east wind

Recently, at the 9th China International Commercial Expo 2015 Commercial Vehicle Industry Development Forum under the theme of “Transition Innovation and Expansion under the New Normal” held in Shiyan City, commercial vehicle experts and Dongfeng commercial vehicle executives faced the commercial vehicle industry. The new normal has been discussed in depth.


Huang Gang (China), General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. spoke

At the meeting, senior engineers from the Institute of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Transport stated that with the promotion of energy saving and emission reduction by the state, the four trends of high efficiency, green, interconnection and safety will continue to have an impact on the commercial vehicle industry, which is also the face of China’s commercial vehicles. Another "new normal".

As one of the truck brands with the largest domestic market share, Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., stated at the forum: “Since the overall situation of the domestic truck market is not optimistic, the full implementation of the 'go global' strategy is our future work. One of the key points. At the same time, we also need to make more efforts on products, improve product quality, rely on the improvement of quality and efficiency, and achieve connotative growth."

In response to the "new normal" of the market and the realization of the "go global" strategy, Huang Gang believes that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. must make adjustments and arrangements in three areas. The first is to promote lean operations, continuously improve product quality under the existing scale, and enhance brand image and brand value through lean production. It is not possible to win competition by relying solely on prices.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Factory

Secondly, Dongfeng must use technological innovation to support its products to better meet customer needs while enhancing its own product competitiveness and market competitiveness. In this regard, Tong Dongcheng, Standing Committee member and deputy general manager of the Dongfeng Motor Corporation Party Committee, further said: “We must pay special attention to scientific research and technological innovation. We must increase product competitiveness by improving product quality and relying on reputation and technological advancement to increase product competitiveness.”

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Factory

Third, provide a comprehensive solution. Huang Gang said: "Dongfeng not only sells trucks, but also does not just provide transportation tools for the transportation industry. We also provide customers with comprehensive solutions and service guarantees while meeting customer demand for products."

Huang Gang said that under the “new normal” that the commercial vehicle industry is developing in four directions: efficient, green, connected, and safe, what Dongfeng needs to do is to provide users with safer, more reliable, and more efficient transportation vehicles. At the same time, we must also strengthen our breakthroughs in environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction, including the adoption of fuel-efficient technologies, new energy, and alternative energy sources. "Only by nurturing these capabilities can we have the conditions to go out and deal with the 'new normal' of the market." Huang Gang concluded.

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