· Spring Festival car rental return home to visit relatives to enjoy the rent increase 3 times

Rents have risen two or three times. Most models have been rented. Like the Spring Festival in previous years, train tickets are hard to find, and ticket prices are high, but the difference is that oil prices have fallen sharply. In addition, highways are free. Many passengers consider renting a car to go home for the New Year or travel. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter investigated several car rental companies and found that it is currently at the peak of car rental. Most of the models have been rented, and the cost of car rental has increased two or three times.
Car rental returns favored The reporter found that many young people who commute to work on weekdays also "evolved" into the Spring Festival car rental home because of the lower travel costs. In the Liangmaqiao, a foreign company working in a white-collar company, Ms. Huang’s hometown is in Qingdao. During the Spring Festival, she has to buy a train ticket with her roommate, but this year she finally got rid of the “one ticket is hard to find” problem, choose to accompany her friends. Carpool home. "Many people can even share the cost, it is very cost-effective. And you can also go home directly, unlike the previous large and small luggage, the new year to squeeze the train, affordable, comfortable and convenient."
The reporter found that in the 58 cities and other websites, "Spring Festival car rental" has become a popular search term, which includes both the post of car rental business and the information of renting a car. On this website, the reporter contacted Beijing Tiantianhong Car Rental Co., Ltd., which provides car rental services. The other party introduced the car of the regular company, according to the number of lease days and models. "Ordinary cars cost more than 200 yuan a day, and good points such as the Audi A6 cost thousands of dollars. Whether to find 'song friends' is left to the user's discretion. But we only have one car left." Another Derry Kärcher car rental company Car rental services are also available, and the page shows that more than 140 people have made appointments.
Rents rose two or three times Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter visited several car rental companies and found that during the Spring Festival, the peak rents, the daily rents rose. A staff member of the Car Rental International Trade Store said that most of the users chose to rent a car to return home to visit relatives, self-driving tour, etc. during the Chinese New Year, mostly based on economical family cars. "Now there are only a few models in the store, such as Bora, LaVida and Passat. The other basics are rented out." The reporter consulted a national car rental service and learned that the more rented cars were Excelle and Skoda. "The daily rent before and after the Spring Festival is about four or five hundred yuan, and usually one or two hundred yuan. The rent may rise in the New Year. As early as one month ago, some users started to book, and orders have gradually increased since then. ”
The reporter then went to the Chaozhou Joy City store in Shenzhou. The reception staff said that there are no other models in addition to Excelle. "If you want to order a car, you can only contact the headquarters to see if you can transfer it from other stores, or wait a few years later." The staff introduced, "The price of car rental in the Spring Festival has increased by 2 times compared with the previous day. For example, the usual rent of 200 yuan a day, now almost 400 yuan." Shenzhou car rental nationwide customer service said that the rent is a dynamic price, according to the demand for car adjustment, the rental period has no threshold.
- Reminder Don't forget to check the car condition before picking up the car. There is a certain risk in the car rental. The insiders reminded consumers to check whether the leasing company has qualifications, check and sign a standardized car rental contract before renting a car. Before taking the car, carefully check the appearance of the vehicle for serious scratches, etc., and there are no abnormal conditions in the main parts of the car to ensure the safety of driving. “If an accident occurs on the way, the consumer should promptly notify the car rental company, and the other party will contact the relevant insurance unit to inspect the site.”
-Accounting Car rental home is not cheaper On the first day of the year, Mr. Deng has the willingness to bring his family to rent a car to go back to Xi'an. The Beijing Morning Post reporter made a rough estimate for it. Without calculating the fuel fee, the usual high-speed fee for driving to Xi'an is about 1,000 yuan. The car rental before the holiday is calculated at 200 yuan per day. If you travel for 5 days, the cost is 2,000 yuan. During the Spring Festival, the daily rent is 400 yuan, 5 days for travel, free for high-speed holidays, and the cost is 2,000 yuan. From this point of view, the people who actually rent a car do not take advantage of it.

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