Dry compressor does not require lubricating oil

According to the improved design scheme, the prototype was tested under the pressurized and warmed conditions of the laboratory. The test on the air-cooled high-speed model no longer occurred, and the test was carried out several times to obtain satisfactory results. In order to facilitate the installation of the user, the pressure regulator can be fixed on the air compressor, so that the added pipeline can be configured when the air compressor is shipped from the factory, and the user only needs to take a pipeline from the gas storage tank to the inlet of the pressure regulator. That's it, it's not complicated. The above design and test is an ideal and feasible effective solution without fundamental changes to the unloading system.

The above improvement solves the problem of stuck due to various reasons, but the structure is large and the pipeline is complicated. In order to further improve the system by using this principle, we combine the pressure regulating valve and the top gas valve into one valve (we call it It is a double pneumatic valve), its structure, so that the structure is compact, the reliability is good, and it is easy to use and install. The system has been verified by experiments and the effect is good. This model is different from oil-filled compressors. Lubricating oil is not required between the rotors. It is a dry compressor and does not pollute the medium to be transported. This is of great significance for the separation and refining of butadiene.

The high and low pressure areas of the machine are sealed by gaps, so the manufacturing precision is high, the speed is fast, and the compressor group speed is 5320r/min. Once the unit is running abnormally, there is almost no processing time, and the inspection and maintenance is difficult. The casing is a complete cylinder. Only a small part of the rotor is exposed at the exit. It is impossible to comprehensively detect the screw clearance during medium and small repairs, and the bearing wear level cannot be grasped. Therefore, it is difficult to predict and repair.

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