Customized mobile phone showcase need to pay attention to what?

First, waterproof design. In general, when designing a display case, a stuff was added to prevent the water on the countertops from flowing into the showcase. This was also the case when water was sprinkled on every table, but every drop of water in the display case.
Second, the display cabinet uses high temperature and pressure sealing. According to common sense, the appearance of the display case is still very firm after being sealed.
What needs to pay attention to in order to customize mobile phone display cabinets in Zhengzhou? The production and design of Zhengzhou Honghuo boutique showcases are just right, and these factors have made the Red Fire Showcase more and more practical, and are widely favored by mobile phone merchants.

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Hydraulic oil is stored in an open reservoir or tank (1). Every time the oil is withdrawn from the tank, it passes through a filter (2) containing a pack of fine mesh screens and usually a magnet. The screens remove any particles of dirt or other foreign matter and the magnet grabs any tramp iron that may get into the system.

Hydraulic System
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Hydraulic System
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Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System,Hydraulic Power Pack,Hydraulic Power Unit,Hydraulic Pipe System

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