Comparison between Halogen Moisture Analyzer and Oven Drying Method

Halogen Moisture Analyzer is a new type of rapid moisture detection instrument. Its ring-shaped halogen heater ensures that the sample is uniformly heated during the high-temperature test, making the sample surface less susceptible to damage and drying quickly. During the drying process, the halogen moisture analyzer continuously measures and immediately displays the lost moisture content of the sample, the drying process. After the completion, the final measured moisture content is locked out.
The biggest difference between halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs is that halogen glass bulbs are filled with some halogen gas (usually iodine or bromine). Its working principle is: When the filament heats, tungsten atoms are evaporated to the glass. The wall moves in the direction of the tube. When it approaches the glass tube wall, the tungsten vapor is cooled to approximately 800°C and combined with halogen atoms to form tungsten halides (tungsten iodide or tungsten bromide). The tungsten halide continues to move toward the center of the glass tube and returns to the oxidized filament again. Since the tungsten halide is a very unstable compound, it will re-decompose into halogen vapor and tungsten when exposed to heat, so the tungsten is in the filament. Deposited on it to make up for the evaporated parts. Through this regeneration cycle, the filament's service life is not only greatly extended (almost 4 times that of incandescent lamps), but also because the filament can be operated at higher temperatures, resulting in higher brightness, higher color temperature and Higher luminous efficiency.
The traditional moisture measurement is generally using the oven drying method. It takes two or three or even four or five hours for a sample to be tested. It is also necessary to calculate the moisture content (moisture content) of the sample by weighing and manually calculating the balance. The inefficiency of the moisture measurement by the oven method cannot be adapted to the high-paced business production needs. Halogen moisture analyzers are significantly faster and more accurate than most current oven heating methods. Halogen heating can evenly and rapidly dry the sample at high temperature. The surface of the sample is not easily damaged. The detection results are in good agreement with the commonly used oven method, and the detection efficiency is much higher than that of the oven method.

Halogen Moisture Analyzer is simple in operation, accurate in testing, and the display part adopts red digital tube. The displayed value is clearly visible, and the data such as moisture value, initial sample value, final value, measurement time, initial temperature value and final value can be displayed respectively. And has a connection with the computer, printer. Widely used in the determination of products from all walks of life, such as: food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastic materials, rubber, tobacco, tea, textiles, meat, food, starch, feed, coal, sand, sewage sludge, dairy and so on.
Shanghai Danhao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development and manufacturing of moisture analyzers. The halogen moisture analyzer produced by the company adopts a load cell with fast and sensitive characteristics, so that very few samples can be measured with very accurate moisture content under high-precision weighing. The ergonomically designed disc handle avoids accidents such as burns when hot samples are put in or out, and the wing-shaped handle makes it easy to open and close the heating cover.

All planetary cycloidal reducer gear can be divided into three parts: input parts reduction output section on the input shaft is equipped with a displacement of 180 double eccentric sleeve, turn on the eccentric sleeve is equipped with two called arm of roller bearing, the formation of H institutions two cycloid gear center hole is the eccentric sleeve on the turning arm bearing raceway, and by a group of cycloid gear and pin gear mesh circular permutation needle, to form tooth difference for the internal meshing gear reducer is organization,( 1437669,in order to reduce friction, in the speed reducer ratio is small, the needle with needle teeth on the gear set)

When the input shaft with eccentric sleeve rotation for a week, because of the characteristic of the cycloid gear tooth profile curve and its restricted by needle on the gear teeth, the movement of the cycloid gear becoming both revolution and rotation of the plane movement, turn on the input shaft is week, eccentric sleeve also turn the week, Cycloidal Wheel turned a gear reduction is obtained in the opposite direction, and then with the help of W output mechanism, the cycloid gear rotates at low speed movement through the pin shaft.

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