175/65r14, 175/70r14, 185/65r14, 185/60r14, 185/65r15, 195/65r15, 205/55r16 Winter Tire Promotion

Model NO.: 205/55R16
Inner Tube: Without Inner Tube
Spare Tire: Non-Spare Tire
Brand: Loda
Model Number: 205/55r16
Car Make: Winter Passenger Car
Warranty: Yes
Advanced Technology: High Quality Material
Low Noise: High Speed
Delivery: Fast Delivery
New/Used: New
Colour: Black
Skype: Delekang04 .
Port: Qingdao
Trademark: LODA
Specification: 15-20 days after deposit
Origin: Qingdao
HS Code: 4011
all size 175/65R14,175/70R14,185/65R14,185/60R14,185/65R15,195/65R15,205/55R16 winter tire promotion sale
1.Better water disperion, excellent driving and braking on wet roads with the unidirectional tyre.
2.Deeper pattern and aigzagging steel piece.Snow tyrefor snow,ice,mud and oter roads under bad conditions.
Special guarantee on braking and water dispersion on snow, ice and similar roads.
3.Spacious stable marking with anti-skid deep grooves for longer wearing.
4.Tranquility with fuzzy arrangement of pattern blocks without specified peak and with variable sound frequency blocks.
PCR tire

RIM Load&Speed Section
Air Pressure
145/70R12 4.50B 69T 150 509 325 270
155/80R12 4.50B 77S 157 553 412 260
155/65R13 4.50B 73H 157 532 365 300
165/65R13 5.00B 77S 170 544 412 280
155/70R13 4.50B 75T 157 548 387 300
165/70R13 5B 79T 170 562 437 300
175/60R13 5J 77H 177 540 412 300
175/70R13 5B 82T 177 576 475 300
185/70R13 5.50B 86T 189 590 530 270
155/80R13 4.50B 79S 157 578 437 250
165/80R13 4.50B 83H 165 594 487 300
185/55R14 6J 80V 194 560 450 300
175/60R14 5J 79H 177 566 437 300
185/60R14 5.5J 82H 189 578 475 280
195/60R14 6J 86H 201 590 530 280
205/60R14 6J 88H 209 602 560 300
175/65R14 5J 82H 177 584 475 290
185/65R14 5.5J 86H 189 596 530 280
195/65R14 6J 89H 201 610 580 300
175/70R14 5J 84T 177 602 500 300
185/70R14 5.5J 88T 189 616 560 270
195/70R14 6J 91T 201 630 615 280
205/70R14 6J 95T 209 644 690 280
195/70R14 6J 91T 201 630 615 300
205/70R14 6J 95T 209 644 750 340
185/80R14 5J 95S 184 652 615 300
195/50R15 6J 82V 201 577 475 300
185/55R15 6J 82V 194 585 475 300
195/55R15 6J 85V 201 595 515 280
185/60R15 5.5J 84H 189 603 500 300
195/60R15 6J 88H/V 201 615 560 300
205/60R15 6J 91H/V 209 627 615 300
185/65R15 5.5J 88H 189 621 560 300
195/65R15 6J 91H/V 201 635 615 300
205/65R15 6J 94H/V 209 647 670 300
215/65R15 6.5J 96H 221 661 710 300
205/70R15 6J 96T 209 669 710 300
215/70R15 6.5J 98H 221 683 750 300
225/70R15 6.5J 100T 228 697 800 300
215/75R15 6J 100S 216 703 800 300
225/75R15 6J 102S 223 719 850 300
235/75R15 6.5J 105S 235 733 925 300
205/50R16 6J 91W 214 612 545 300
205/55R16 6.5J 90W 214 632 600 300
215/55R16 7J 97V/93H 226 642 730 340
225/55R16 7J 99V 233 654 775 340
205/60R16 6J 92H/V 209 652 630 300
215/60R16 6.5J 95H 221 664 690 300
225/60R16 6.5J 98H/V 228 676 750 300
235/60R16 7J 100V 240 688 800 300
215/65R16 6.5J 98H 221 686 750 300
205/40R17XL 7.5J 84W 212 596 500 340
215/45R17XL 7J 91W 213 626 615 340
215/55R17XL 7J 98V 226 668 750 340
225/55R17XL 7J 101W 233 680 825 340
225/45R17XL 7.5J 94W 225 634 670 340
235/45R17XL 8J 97W 236 644 730 340
215/35R18XL 7.5J 84W 218 607 500 50
225/40R18XL 8J 92W 230 637 630 340
235/40R18XL 8.5J 95W 241 645 690 340
245/40R18XL 8.5J 97Y 248 653 730 340
235/35R19XL 8.5J 91W 241 647 615 340
245/35R19XL 8.5J 93W 248 655 650 340
305/40R22XL 11J 114V 313 803 1180 340
305/35R24XL 11J 112V 313 824 1120 340

Our Brand
LODA product group forklift solid tyre
our advantages 1,OEM,manufacturer solid tire
2,natural rubber,stable quality agricultural tire
3,good ride industrial tire
4,no slipping ring and delamination problem skidsteer tire
5,long wear,no exploding,long life car tire
6,thick rubber,high loading capacity truck tire
7,energy saving OTR
8,for different environment and temperature
quality standard TRA,JATMA,ETRTO
main market Europe, North America, South America, southeast Asia, Australia, Africa
delevery time 15-20 days
payment 30% by TT in advance
min order 0
shipment port Qingdao
production capacity 3000 pieces/month

Qingdao LODA Tyre Co., Ltd  Located in Qingdao ---the best living city in China. Since 1998, as the market leader in manufacturer Solid tires, OTR Tires, Agricultural Tires, Skid steer Tires and Forklift Tires,we provide not only high quality goods but also more additional benefits for our clients and partners.

With advanced production equipment, superb manufacturing process, strict management and with good quality product, we have gotten the certificate of ISO9001, CCC, E4, REACH, SONCAP, E-MARK, DOT and INMETRO.

Under our business ideas "Quality first, Customer first", our goods are sold better and better. Now we are exporting more than 100 countries and areas all over the world. Our annual output is more than 20 million DOLLAR.

Facing the market, our company will rely on a strong unity, forge ahead with determination and a leadership and workforce to meet the challenge, in fierce competition in the market ahead waves.
Tyre use tips:
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1).Tyre Assemble tire tyre
a.Tire components should be standard and matching.Nonstandard wheel rim should lead to irregular abrasion of tyre tread and
explosion of tyre bead tire tyre
b.When installing the tyre,should notice the directional pattern in accord with the driving directions
c.One axle should be assembled with the same spection,brand,size,pattern
d.Radial and bias tyre should not mixed on one axle
e.if the differ of remaining tread depth above 5mm,should not be assembled on one axle
f.if the differ of air pressure above 1kg,should not be assembled on one axle.
2).Tyre Inflate
a.20% higher than the standard air pressure,tyre life will 9%lowder in average.
b.20%lwer than the standatd air pressure,tyre life will 17%lower in average
c.Air pressure is too high or too lower,tyre will lose its value,the same with worthless
Tyre, tyres ,tire ,tires, car tyre ,car tires, car tire ,car tyres, tyre china manufacture, radial tire 155/65R13 car tire
6, china car tire manufacture radial tire 155/65R13 car tire
3).Tyre Maintenance and Interchange
a.Interchange the tyre timely can extend 20%life tire tyre
b.Larger overall diameter should be fixed on outside wheel
c.Under general case,the radial tyres should interchange position per12000kms-15000kms
4).Safe driving
a.Interchange and check the tyre properly and timely,if find rip hole,should mend immediately incase the damage expand
b. Avoid slamming the brakes on,sharp turn
c. Avoid over loading,over speed.
d.The retreaded tyre should not beused on the front wheel
e.Load cargoes reasonable and well distributed,at normal speedTyre, tyres ,tire ,tires, car tyre ,car tires, car tire ,car tyres, tyre china manufacture, radial tire 155/65R13 car tire , china car tire manufacture, radial tire 155/65R13 car tire a.Sportrak&Safeholder brand can be retreaded,in this way can have long service life and redece the cost.In order to retread more times,
be sure to protect the tyre carcass.tire tyre
b.If you need to retread,please consult the local dealer when the remaining tyre tread is 2-4mm

1.Are you a factory or a trading company?
QINGDAO LODA Tyre Co., Ltd. is a professional factory of solid tire, OTR tire, Agricultural Tire, Skid steer tire, forklift tire and truck tyre since 1998.
2.Can I be your agent?
Yes, welcome to deep cooperation. We have big promotion of LODA brand in the market now. For the details please contact with our overseas manager.
3.Is OEM available?
Yes, OEM is available. We have professional designer to help your brand promotion.
4.Is the sample available?
Yes, samples are available for you to test the quality.
5.Are the products tested before shipping?
Yes, all of our tire was qualified before shipping. We test every batch every day.
6.What's your quality guarantee?
We have 100% quality guarantee to customers. We will be responsible for any quality problem.
7.What's benefit will you bring?
Your client satisfied on the quality.
Your client continued orders.
Your can get good reputation from your market and obtain more orders.

LODA super high quality tire will bring you success business.
If have any interest , kindly contact me to talk more details 


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