Design and Implementation of CAM System for New Parallel Machine Tool

The experimental results show that the system and its integration method are feasible and effective. Parallel Machine Tool (ParallelMachineTool) is also called the new structure of CNC machine tool. It is the product of the combination of robot technology and machine tool structure technology. The prototype is parallel robot. Operating machine. Parallel machine tools have the following advantages compared to conventional 5-axis CNC machines. 1 stiffness is heavier than large; 2 response speed is fast; 3 processing precision is high; 4 structure shock resistance and cutting stability is good; 5 technology has high added value. Parallel machine tools have high mechatronics products and are known as the main processing equipment of the 21st century. 1N. The prototypes of parallel machine tools are mostly based on the Slewail platform and its variants. Such parallel machine tools have a small working space and it is difficult to achieve large inclination processing. Therefore, a new structure parallel machine tool 121 based on a 4-DOF space parallel mechanism is proposed and its position analysis is performed. m. For a new parallel machine tool, A layered and integrated system can be used to easily and conveniently measure the pressure, flow S, temperature and power simultaneously in the same part of the hydraulic system, and can be printed and saved.
It solves the problem of difficult hydraulic system testing and fault diagnosis, and meets the actual needs of field repair and construction site use.

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