Centennial Quality Allison Automatic Gearbox Builds Great Wall for Firefighting

The recent Tianjin Dangerous Chemical Explosion incident has made everyone see the power of fire. Perhaps because of this, this year's 16th session of the fire show seems to be particularly "lively," and shows high-tech products. Whether it is a huge or petite fire engine, naturally, it is inseparable from the support of the core components. At the exhibition, the China Truck Network reporter found that many fire engines were equipped with Allison transmissions. At the same time, Allison also set up an independent exhibition platform, attracting many people to stop.

Allison Transmission
Allison Independent Stand

Allison automatic gearbox for scoring seconds

As a special field, fire engines are not only responsible for extinguishing fires, but more importantly, in the event of a dangerous situation, the loss of life safety, property, etc. is reduced, especially for the salvation of life is more important than anything else, “every minute and second” is absolutely fire fighting. A true portrayal of the realm. How to achieve fast and efficient work?

When the Chinese truck reporter learned that 99% of US fire engines had Allison transmissions installed, we seemed to find the answer. Not just the United States, Australia's Tasmanian Fire Department also worked with Allison Transmissions to install Allison 2500 automatic gearboxes for its own fire engines. The reason why the Allison Transmission was selected was that the relevant person in charge stated their original intention: “One is to increase the maximum speed, and the other is to achieve the best acceleration performance under highway and off-road conditions for the firefighters to drive. It's easier."

How did Allison do it? It is understood that, for decades, Allison Transmission has been designing and manufacturing full-automatic gearboxes that are urgently needed by emergency personnel to complete tasks. The company developed Continuous Power TechnologyTM. (Uninterrupted power technology) can achieve excellent starting performance of the vehicle, and uninterrupted transmission of engine power to the drive wheels, vehicle acceleration performance up to 35%, while having better handling. "In 15 seconds, the vehicle's speed can achieve a distance of 0-60 kilometers." This statement is not an exaggeration. This is proved by the road test conducted by the FAW Liberation Chassis Fire Engine installed with Allison Transmission.

Allison Transmission
Allison Automatic Transmission

It is not enough to simply provide motivation. We know that with the accelerating pace of urban construction, high-rise buildings have become an important symbol of a city. When a dangerous situation occurs, they tend to concentrate on higher floors. This is a test of the height and intensity of fire engines. Allison has long realized this, and the PTO device installed in the transmission can transmit the maximum power to the special equipment to assist the engine in achieving the maximum power injection. It is precisely because of this, changing the pattern of fire engines relied on high-powered engines. At the 16th session of the fire show, fire engines of various sizes and sizes were equipped with Allison transmissions.

Working closely with the Chinese market to provide efficient operations

Allison Transmission not only has a good reputation in the international market, but also has a closer cooperation with the Chinese market. At present, domestic truck companies such as FAW Jiefang, CNHTC, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck, SAIC Iveco Hongyan and Allison have Established cooperation.

With the matching of localized products in China, is the Allison gearbox still capable of maximizing its effectiveness? Although relatively high prices have deterred many people and even misunderstood the Allison transmission, in fact, Allison is Maintenance costs, fuel savings, and firefighters' training costs all have unique advantages.

Allison Transmission
Allison Automatic Transmission

As we all know, Allison transmission main automatic concept, different from manual or AMT gearbox, Allison has a patented torque converter technology to replace the dry clutch, to achieve accurate low-speed operation, which provides a buffer to effectively avoid power The impact of the transmission system, especially to avoid frequent start and stop wear and replace the brake pads, maintenance costs can be virtually lost. At the same time, Allison automatic transmissions are equipped with the latest fifth-generation electronic control systems. The optimized programming and advanced software ensure optimal shifting strategies for emergency vehicle applications and safety-related Function, accurate application of gears can also effectively reduce fuel consumption, thus achieving fuel cost savings.

Most importantly, Allison's fully automatic transmission makes it easy for firefighters to operate. In the field of firefighting, the training time of firefighters is invaluable, and the established buttons of Allison fully automatic gearboxes can help firefighters to quickly master operating skills and achieve quick jobs.

In order to achieve the best match with Chinese products, and to utilize the best performance of Allison transmissions, Allison Transmission has a transformation center in Shanghai. Through the collection of effective data for matching the engine, tires, etc. Ryson product matching, including the effective combination of torque, horsepower, etc., in order to achieve efficient work with Chinese products.

It is not difficult to see from the above that Allison has attached great importance to the Chinese market, especially its fully automatic gearbox products have great potential in the Chinese market. Today, at the time when Allison set up its plant for the 100th anniversary, we have seen Allison automatic transmissions in various fields, including road transport, sanitation vehicles, and passenger cars. Look forward to the Allison transmission gearing up in more areas and creating another century of glory!

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